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General News of Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Kennedy Agyapong runs away as Ursula, Attafuah open fire

Kennedy Agyapong Kennedy Agyapong

In what could pass as the biggest anti-climax of the year so far, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central has completely distanced himself from reports that he had accused Communications Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful of bribery.

Kennedy has also said he would neither co-operate with the Ghana Police Service nor provide the service with any form of evidence on the matter because some persons within the Service had shown bad faith in handling the matter.

For almost two weeks, the allegation of bribery supposedly from Kennedy Agyapong, had been front page news and reports had suggested the Assin Central MP would this week storm the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters in Accra with his ‘evidence’ that Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, under shady circumstances awarded a National Identification Authority (NIA) contract to a wrong company.

Madam Ursula, obviously unhappy with the allegation and its continuous media mileage which had her photographs beaming on the front pages of newspapers with accompanying stories of allegations that she had pocketed some bribe money, issued a strong worded statement, over the weekend, to deny the allegation and dare her accuser to provide evidence.

“I completely refute the allegations of corruption made against me in relation to the award of the contract for the production of national identification cards by Mr Kennedy Agyepong. They are patently false and I challenge him to come forward with evidence that corroborates his outlandish allegations…

“…I welcome the investigations by the CID and even though I am yet to be contacted, I will cooperate with the law enforcement agencies to ascertain the truth. A strong message needs to be sent to those who deliberately disseminate disinformation. I look forward to a swift resolution of this matter”, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful noted in the statement.

She spoke to THE PUBLISHER: “What hurts me most is the fact that Ken himself knows this allegation is not true. He knows I do not behave that way and the fact that he knows this and yet the allegation is travelling far and on the front pages everywhere is not fair to me at all”.


Speaking on the subject matter to Oman FM, Kennedy Agyepong said at no point in time was he specific that Ursula Owusu-Ekuful ever took bribe from anyone: “I have never given any evidence against Ursula that she has taken bribe or is corrupt; I have never given any evidence against Asenso or Abu Jinapor so who is saying this? If the police are not careful the way I will treat them, they will regret. I believe the police are setting their own agenda because they were even asking me if I have any information on Abu.”

The Assin Central MP said he had not received any official invitation from the Police CID to help in investigating the matter and that he was only called over the matter by a policeman he happens to know.

The police friend, according to Mr Agyapong, said the service was investigating an issue they had heard him talk about so he should kindly share any information he has with them and that this was not an official invitation or discussion.

Kennedy continued: “The Police are warned, if they don’t take care they’ll forever regret their actions. Because they asked me a question about Abu Jinapor and I told them I don’t have any information on Abu. Now I believe it’s the police who are spreading such falsehood and it has gone viral on social media…

“You inform the media that you’ve invited Ken Agyepong and even go ahead to say he fought when he came to meet the police when I’ve not stepped my foot there, then you turn around and give me a call wanting to see me. I’ll not give them any information anymore, I’ll even go and take my evidence from the police, for whatever will happen to happen” an angry-sounding Kennedy Agyepong noted on the Oman FM show.


The acting Executive Secretary of the NIA, Prof Ken Attafuah, has expressed surprise at the entire development and the fact that Kennedy Agyepong has misgivings about the Authority supposedly giving out new contracts to a company.

“In this instance, NIA has not signed a contract, neither has the Akufo-Addo Presidency or government signed a contract with Margins or any company whatsoever.

“What the government has decided to do following the report of a technical committee established by the vice president to advise government on what to do about the NIA is that government had determined that the existing contractual agreement between the NIA and Identity Management System which is a subsidiary of the Margins Group of companies for the production of ID cards to foreigners lawfully resident in this country constitute a viable framework for giving to the people of Ghana a robust, modern national smart card and identification system. Therefore, the NIA should proceed with that arrangement with existed prior to the NPP coming into power,” Prof. Attafuah told News File on Joy FM.

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