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Opinions of Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Columnist: Poku, Adu

Keep #NyantakyiMustGo trending till the cancer is removed

By: Poku, Adu

#NyantakyiMustGo is trending on twitter. Keep it going till the cancer is removed. We got rid of our “dictators” like Nkrumah, Acheampong & Rawlings. How come we allow this incompetent so called lawyer to be in power for so long. FIFA can defend him, but it’s time he's starved of funds.

Fans should organize marching demonstration around GFA building every day to oust these thieves from office.

Nyantakyi fan club

Every time Nyantakyi is critiqued, there are Ghanaians, who have benefited financially from his disastrous reign, ready to defend him. For most of them qualification with nothing to show is good enough.

Corrupt Nyantakyi

Country Man Songo have been saying it for years, in his programs, but we have not taken him serious. There is something going on at GFA that is not pretty. I don’t have any evidence of corruption, but lack of transparency at GFA makes me believe there is some “kuluulu” going on. Only a banana republic will allow the head of the football association to be the owner of a club.

Non-Nyantakyi Players

It’s time to build a new black stars team without the Ayews & Gyan. Whoever is the next coach should take a good look at the following players, who are hungry to move to the next level: Isaac Cofie (Genoa), Donsah(Bologna), Alfred Duncan (Sassuolo) Emmanuel Adjei(Anderlecht), Claud Adjapong(Sassuolo) Although we did not get the best out of them, I’ll want us to keep Atsu, Partey, Amartey, Acheampong, Bernard Tekpetey, Ebenezer Ofori

Cameroon won with a bunch of players from backwater leagues who were determined to make a name for themselves and eventually a good pay day.

BTW, Ghanaians should stop this rubbish talk about calling back Muntari, Boateng, Essien etc. They are old and when it was their time we won nothing. Qualification is not a medal

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