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General News of Sunday, 21 October 2018


Katanga student beaten by KNUST Security loses memory from head injuries

The third year student was brutalized by the school's security The third year student was brutalized by the school's security

A third-year student affiliated to the Katanga Hall of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) is currently battling for his life at the University’s Hospital in Kumasi after he was brutalized by the school’s security on Friday night.

Sources at the hospital confirmed to that the victim has lost his memory as a result of severe wounds he suffered on his head.

A photograph of him on his sickbed shows traces of blood on the bedding, a plaster to his ears and occiput and a swollen mouth.

Eleven others and one old student who was whisked away same day by the campus security and later handed over to the KNUST Police for holding what is described as a peaceful vigil at the forecourt of the University Hall, otherwise known as Katanga Hall have been granted bail after some angry parents and guardians massed up at the police station earlier today to demand the release of their wards.

One parent who was visibly angry at the Police station complained to reporters that he is alarmed at the visible marks on the body of his ward and as a matter of urgency, wants the government to take action as the brutalities are becoming one too many.

“I saw some of the students too and you could see visible marks. I spoke with the Commander that this is what I had seen and I do not think it is good. There is a boy who is currently on admission but for his injuries, he would have been in custody by now. They arrested and beat him,” he said.

The parents have accused authorities of the institution of intimidating and victimizing students who reside at the Unity and University gallant halls since the conversion to both halls into mixed ones.


The School’s security on Friday [19th October, 2018] pounced on unarmed students who were having a peaceful vigil at the forecourt of the hall in protest of management’s freeze on “morale”, a usual Friday night jamboree in all the halls at the school.

The University in a communique signed and posted both the Continental Hall and University Hall Management asked the student body to cease their usual ‘Friday Night Morale’ as the school has suspended the activity.

The notice on read”Notice is hereby given that all forms of “morales” in and around the University Hall are suspended with immediate effect. This decision was taken in view of several negative issues encountered recently with respect to morales in the hall. Any person who flouts this directive shall receive the necessary sanction and response”.

Angel FM’s Nanayaw Amagyei who was at the school at the time of the incident told that , school security numbering over 20 and armed to the teeth who said they were “only carrying out an order”, pounced on the students who had gathered at the forecourt and singing dirges, arrested seven and brutalized them with canes and stun guns unprovoked.

The rampaging security men, escorted by some officers of the KNUST Police accosted the journalist (Nana Yaw Amagyei) who was filming the students at the vigil and ceased his video camera, before unleashing the attack on the unsuspecting students, after being convinced that there was no camera or recorder in hand to record their deeds.

The said camera is still in the custody of the KNUST security as at the time of filing this story.

An alumnus of the hall, whose name was not immediately known but nicknamed as “Ashaina”, who was present at the time of the attack is also in the custody of the Tech Police after been brutalized and whisked away in a security van alongside seven students.

One student who was singled-out and chased till he was caught by the marauding security personnel is battling for his life at the University Hospital, after sustaining severe injuries and shocks, dragged on the floor and kicked till he collapsed.

The authorities of the school are yet to make any statement on the matter.