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Opinions of Friday, 24 July 2015

Columnist: Mr. Bombs

“KPA KPA KPA” Leadership

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Mr. President, is it true that former president Mills set up an investigative committee to investigate you for inflating prices on the contracts you signed in the name of Ghana to purchase five Airplanes from Brazil? Yes or No?

I will come back to the cost issue later on, but now Ghanaians want to know if you also inflated the cost of educating Ghanaian Doctors in Cuba.
Why did Prez. Mahama tell Ghanaians that it will cost Ghana$30,000 for the duration of six years to educate one Ghanaian doctor in Cuba when he has already billed Ghana for $150,000 per student.

Even the Cuban government had listed on its website these students are on Cuba government scholarship, so who is going to pocket the extra $120,000 per students if we have to believe Mahama?

Why do we even have to pay 37.5 million dollars to educate 250 students when this money if used in Ghana can educate 1,500 doctors in University of Ghana and more than 3,000 doctors at KNUST? Can Prez. Mahama address this issue instead of hiding behind lies and innuendos?

Was it not even corruption when the president, then vice president selected all these students from the northern part of the country with few ewes from his office? When did the office of the president become scholarship if you like “scholarboot” secretariat?

President Mahama has been weaving and boobing like a scared price fighter who has been put in a ring against an opponent he would rather not have anything to do with? Our president is trying to play delay tactics hoping that time will run out and hopefully win the next election without addressing the corruption issues.

Ghanaians should hold his feet to the fire and demand answers from him about contracts that have led Ghana to lose money on almost every contract he has penned his name to.

Why is our president always lying? An elderly person I know advised me when I was about ten years old in Dansoman about LIARS. He said, “Kwaku, you are a good boy and I want to be like this for the rest of your life”. He had sent me to go and pick up a rent money from one of his tenant at one of his rental properties for him near Dansoman police station.

I forgot in the course of playing with my friends and about an hour later, he asked whether I have picked up the money from Mr. Sabato. I told him with fear that, “Nana I forgot, I am sorry”. He said Kwaku, it’s alright, at least you told the truth. You could have said you went but met the absence of Mr. Sabato.

Always tell the truth because truth can take you far. Lies run sprint, but the truth runs marathons. The problem with a liar is not the lie itself but what the lie in been used to hide. “A liar is a murderer, thief, rapist etc he told me”. I have grown to find out he was right.

Mr. President, the fact that the Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the case before it on 29th August, 2012 shows that you won the elections on fair grounds. But what is it at all that is making your administration unpopular?

I am tempted to believe your inability to crack the whip is a major contributory factor. Without fear or favour, I see that you have given us some anxious moments to wonder if we can really rely on you should in case you win the next elections.

A six-classroom block that used to cost ?800,000 in 2008 has gone up to ?420,000 more than 500% increase that is Mahama voodoo economy.
Folks, I am saddened and shocked to my bones by the way, our one time vibrant “Gold Coast” is being handled. God bless all my readers, God bless mother Ghana.

Mr. Bombs
A.G.A – Obuasi

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