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Opinions of Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Columnist: Dabbousi, Fadi

John Mahama, respond to the Panama Papers - Part IV

Of all the adversities that Ghanaians are facing, the singular most unpleasant one is the fact that government and officials steal moneys to hide in offshore accounts to either share later if the theft goes unnoticed, as in most cases, or to accrue interest, which is pocketed by a lone bandit in office or a group of tyrants who fight to win power just for their parochial interests and to practise their dispositional caprices.

Since it conception, the NDC and its predecessor, the PNDC, have maligned this nation so much so that an encyclopedia of evil about their manoeuvres can be written effortlessly.

Never has Ghana seen such transmogrificational decline in morals, ethics and sub-standard living conditions beyond poverty lines as that we experience first-hand under John Mahama and his team with their insatiable thirst for Ghanaian sweat and blood.

Since the regrettable advent of the NDC in 2009, President John Mahama has been in the news for the wrong reasons most of the time. Scandal after scandal of embezzlement hit him with no remorse for any of them simply because someone managed to hide the details and intricacies of evidence that could ultimately lead to his incarceration.

But the glaring truth sometimes does not need documented proof. Such massive corruption as the government has always been suspected of involvement in is reflected in the lives of the masses.

Abject poverty, shut down of businesses, massive layoffs, unaffordable electricity, skyrocketing prices of fuel, rundown of the NHIS and the resulting return to the cash and carry system, very frequent demonstrations (more than any government had ever had to grapple with), flammable fiscal instability, inconsistent and misapplied Presidential instructions/orders/sanctions, and many more appalling conditions of strife that the citizens are engaged in just to pass by in their daily routine of suppurating under the heat of these abnormal circumstances.

Ghanaians will never forget that John Mahama's security adviser, Nunoo Mensah, foolishly told Ghanaians to take their passports and leave if the kitchen was too hot for them.

Much agitation stirred the charged atmosphere, recently, when news first broke out that the Presidency was involved in a gigantic fraud of 10 billion Dollars. It was bad! It was alleged that on page 1,000,059 of the Panama Papers, Ghana's President, John Mahama, was involved in stashing Ghana's moneys in offshore safe havens.

However, the final nail in the coffin of this nation came yesterday when news broke out that the government and Ministry of Tourism of Ghana was involved in some sort of money laundering activities with offshore accounts. Is that the Ministry of Tourism of the Ministry of "Terrosism"?

There is no reason why the government or any of its mischievous arms should engage in monetary dealings involving offshore accounts. It is highly unethical because such accounts exist to either stash booties or evade taxation on large amounts. That is why those accounts are domiciled in "Tax Havens".

Why would loans, grants and other proceeds coming the way of Ghanaians be diverted to offshore accounts? Who is the beneficiary of interests accrued on those moneys? Who controls these offshore accounts on behalf of government or the Ministries involved?

Are those accounts established with the Knowledge of John Mahama? Even if the President has no idea about these national scams, which I rule out at all, he is still liable being the Chief Executive Officer of the Land.

"Ghanaians, wise up! Now you know why you are suffering! Now you know why you are paying high tariffs for electricity inefficiently distributed in a dumsor style of terrorism!

Now you know why new mothers are confined in hospitals with their babies until the bills are paid even though maternity healthcare is supposed to be free! Now you know why water, if it ever flows through your pipes, is contaminated, unwholesome and not potable! Now you know why the roads are so bad that after a grueling journey, one develops spinal problems!

Now you know why business are folding up, and why industries are shifting to other countries (escaping the heat of the kitchen as Nunoo Mensah said). Now you know why the NDC does not want to relinquish Power! Now you know why the likes of Kokoon Anyidaho, Mugabe Maasi, Alistar Nelson, Kofi Adams, and other freaks of circumstances sputter unholy dictum and threats of killings!

Now you know why the international community mocks us! Now you know why agriculture is dead under John Mahama! Now you know why the issue of galamsey has ravished the serenity of Ghana's forests and wildlife!

Now you know why taxes are in a crescendo! Now you know why Ghanaians are under the boots of the Americans, Europeans and Chinese! Now you know why our elders die at hospitals knowing that the moneys that are supposed to be used to procure original medicines are sitting somewhere in offshore accounts for officials to access later!

Now you know why instead of original medicines, Ghanaians are given fake drugs that only cause to increase the spate of deaths! That is murder! That is genocide! That is terrorism!

Ghanaians, vote this thieving government of the NDC out of office. John Mahama does not deserve another term! John Mahama is scamming the nation and needs to be probed! John Mahama and his cronies, babies with sharp teeth, must be brought down.

Thumb him out and vote for the incorrruptible Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo; after all, he does not make promises that he cannot keep. And of course #1District1factory (#1D1F) is doable big time!