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Opinions of Saturday, 16 July 2011

Columnist: Devitor, Korku

J.J Rawlings, the enigmatic hero of Africa

By Korku Devitor (JELA)

Truth be told, Rawlings has lasted to this day because of his personal discipline, integrity and honesty. He is the people's man, and humbled himself. Rawlings was anointed by God to chart a new course for Ghana, and give a voice to the masses, lift people out of obscurity into political and social limelight. Mention the Sam Jonah's the PV Obengs, the Ahwoi's, the Mills' and Mahamas.

Otherwise, where would people like E.T. Mnesah find power and wealth from, or will Asiedu Nketiah have been what he is today without him? I wonder whether Kwabena Adjei would have left his psychology lectureship and be any better.

A political colossus, towering above his peers, but graceful enough to lift all up to equal status, and even consider others' opinions better than his.

He is selfless enough to let others eat first before him else the Betty Moulds and all those in ministerial positions today wouldn't have been there ahead of his own, now adult children.

If there are doctors, he has a brilliant one, lawyers, he has a brilliant one as well: energetic young men, Kimathi is a chip of the old block, and beauty? Hm! have you seen Amina?

But after fighting a hard battle for Mills to become president, Rawlings fought for others to be made ministers, for the love of Ghana, and the "continuity of purpose." Which purpose, u may ask? that which sent him to wake up in the deep of night and topple a lame government and install a National Defence Council, albeit provisional, waiting for the right time to have a permanent National Defence Council,(NDC) not a Nepotic Doomsday Conspirators.

Unfortunately, there had been selfish traitors within the GAME from day one, who did everything to entrench themselves in the system-that have become so powerful today and seek to commit the sacrilege against the revolution.

J.J shall never betray the cause of the revolution: By Juve, he won't! But watch out the same ghost that chased the security man of 37, was the same that chased Atta Mortuary man (RIP-Good old, Atta), and is somebody watchiing?

But just as Brutus was conquered by Mark Anthony, this apparition coming in grayed shroud, leading the evil trinity in blood covenant, at whose mention people took to flight, since the cradle of the revolution: the greyish scare-crow whose enterprise is as evil as Lucifer’s shall fall anon.

When your betrayal comes to a head, and your enterprise is at its peak, then you shall surely be brought low.

Brutus' seeming triumph was but short-lived, and Jesus spent three long-short days in the sealed tomb, but sure, good shall triumph over evil as day conquers night and darkness is subdued by light. Macbeth became king in the place of Duncan, but Macduff ended his reign, while David survived Absalom’s treachery. Rawlings lives on.

Those who sought to blackmail him with his legacy to call of his wife’s contest so they would preserve his heritage needs to be told that the heritage of Rawlings is already preserved, and does not need any perfidious Aufidius to help perpetuate it.

But rejoice ye faithful of the revolutionary course, because the end of Aufidius draws nigh. “Aufidius, beneath the statue of the 'mighty Mars,'” was subdued” and so Ato Ahwoi shall also sink in his own enterprise.

J.J Rawlings is the enigmatic hero of the African story of the 20th century, but there are times his followers either refuse, or fail to understand him, or even misunderstand him, but history will surely be kind to him. J.J Rawlings, Ayekoo