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Entertainment of Sunday, 24 November 2013

Source: Osarfo Anthony-Flex Newspaper

Is Becca slowly fading from the Ghanaian music scene?

Becca's management team - EKB Records, headed by business mogul , is undoubtedly one of the best artiste management outfits Ghana is blessed with.

From the time of picking Becca from Mentor 1 through to recording her, organizing Becca's Ball, winning of awards for her songs and music videos, and the deluxe annual Girl Talk concert; EKB Records has indeed done what Napoleon couldn't do.

The latest marketing and branding strategy for the artiste was stitching Becca's CDs to Graphic Showbiz so that anyone who buys the said newspaper gets the artistes CD for free; a strategy never done before in Ghana's music industry's history.

Kiki Banson really deserves an award for Artiste Management and Character Development. I say this because in Ghana, we don't have much of 'Kiki Bansons.' The so called artiste managers we have rarely identify true talents talk less of developing characters.

They always wait for someone to take the risk of developing a talent and after, jump unto the artiste and make capital out of him/her. That is not what Kiki Banson did with Becca. He took a risk and today it has paid off.

We need more of 'Kiki Bansons' in our showbiz industry. In spite of the above, Becca seems to be dying slowly. In order words, her brand and presence is fading at a steady rate.

The last time Flex newspaper spoke to EKB Records, they told us RLG sponsored the stitching of Becca's CDs to Graphic Showbiz by purchasing 50,000 copies for her fans.

However, we listen to radio and Becca's songs are not played! Go to the pubs, night clubs and spots and Becca's songs are not played! Watch the various television screens and Becca's music videos are not shown! Visit friends and relatives and Becca's CDs are not played! I spoke to some arts writers and they have even vowed never to write anything about Becca.

Currently, Becca is getting gigs from other African countries so her management may not see the need of investing money into Ghana's media as far as Becca's brand communication is concerned.

Though that may be a cost-effective alternative, the naked truth is that by the time Becca's management team turns to resuscitate her image/brand or career, it might have been too late

Ghana recognized, invested and made Becca who she is before the outside world got to know of her. Ghana and for that matter Ghanaians should not be taken for granted. A word to the wise...

Meanwhile, her manager admitted in an interview with Channel R 205 that they are doing more promotions outside Ghana currently. . As the old Akan axiom says, “ofie ne fie” (literally - home is home or home sweet home).