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Opinions of Friday, 10 February 2012

Columnist: Mohammed, Murtala

Interdict Mr. Ivor Greenstreet

Dear Madam,

Interdict Mr. Ivor Greenstreet

I know you have received a memo dated January 12, 2012 from Mr. Amoro Mpuse entitled “TSUNAMI 16. TIDAL WAVES OF THOUGHTS” in which he alleged that Mr. Greenstreet and Professor Delle as well as other leading members of our party are moles planted in our midst to impede our progress. I have circled Mr. Greenstreet and Professor Delle because they are the only comrades in party position.
The memo stated how the general secretary Mr. Ivor Greenstreet got himself drunk; sniffed cocaine and drove at a high speed on the Motor way and in the process killed two prostitutes. It went ahead to suggest or alleged that Mr. Ivor Greenstreet is still a drug addict. The memo also accused Mr. Ivor Greenstreet of being a spy of the British; an MI6 operative within our party.
These disgraceful allegations against the General Secretary are in a bad state such that we cannot allow to go uninvestigated. Sniffing cocaine is a one of serious offenses (First Degree Felony) under the laws of land. I therefore call on the Central Committee of the party to immediately interdict Mr. Ivor Greenstreet and refer the matter to the Disciplinary Committee for further action.
I pray the Central Committee will be fair and just as they did before; thus interdicting four officers of the party base on mere allegations. Mr. Amoro Mpuse is a well known comrade whose credibility and love for this party cannot be overemphasized. He is one of the few comrades who have been in the fore front of the struggle to re-build this party all his life. His claims cannot be shoved aside for any reason.
Attached is a copy of the original text from Mr. Amoro Mpuse for your perusal.
Yours in struggle

0243807244cc: Central Committee