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Opinions of Friday, 13 May 2011

Columnist: Fosu, John

Insightful Aftermath of the Burial of the Kumawu Murdered Victim

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The dust devil that took Kumawu by surprise in those early hours of Tuesday, 26th April 2011, has finally settled. How scary the whirlwind that woke Kumawuman up to the gruesome cold-blooded murder of one of her sons was? The hissing of the ensuing cold wind though encrypted, and sending cold chill down the spine of many was sooner to be decoded by the agitated youths. "One Kwabena Anane of Kumawu Apebiakyere, a member of the Kumawu Ankaase royal family has gunned down a neighbouring Apebiakyere fellow", the message was. Many are the reasons that have been read into why Mr. Anane executed his dastardly action on an unarmed "supposed" thief.

Now that the murdered victim has been buried without the otherwise anticipated mayhem by the aggrieved Kumawuman youths, let us analyse a few points that raise eyebrow. The victim was a thief as by the understanding of Mr. Anane. Supposing he was, what did he attempt to steal, or did steal, from Mr. Anane or from that Apebiakyere area? Did the victim, the late Mr. Asihene, try to break into Mr. Anane's house? Was Mr. Anane keeping his vigil at Apebiakyere owing to recent attempts of, or alerted, robbery or burglary? Was the firearm used to carry out the killing of Asihene licensed to Mr. Anane? If it was, for what purpose of usage was it licensed? If the gun was not his, how did he come by it and whose was it? Did Mr. Anane know his victim in any shape, form or manner? Did he know him to be his neighbour and could he realise him by his voice? Did he shoot Asihene in self-defence because the victim was carrying an offensive weapon ready to use against him, Anane? Did he run after the boy just to shoot to kill him? Was Anane actually protecting his property that he thought the victim could make away with? Did Anane or anyone see the victim with anything belonging to Anane on him when Anane shot him at close range? If not, why did Anane kill him? Could Anane knowing the victim by face, voice etc., not have reported him to the police later during the day or gone straight to the police to lodge a complaint against his supposed thief if he had let him escape as the "supposed thief" had intended? The questions to ask are many but space and time may not permit such an endeavour.

The cat is now let out of the bag. Walls are said to have ears. The absolute truth about that personality called Kwabena Anane is now out. The vices he committed under the cover of darkness are now glaringly out. The crimes he has committed are unfolding at such an alarming rate to frighten off the weakling. The ongoing rumours as gathered from those close to him and had insight into his dubious activities are very shocking to write about. He is really a wicked man if the rumours hold any water. I pray they are just mere rumours or else this man will be classified as one of the most dangerous silent murderers ever known in the annals of Kumawuman. He is alleged to have cut short the lives of many he deemed as his enemies. He would persuasively invite them to his "Apata Kese Ase" Beer Bar (Spot) and offer them free drinks. The drinks will be lethally dosed. No sooner had the targeted person drunk the freely offered drink(s) than he/she would start complaining about some sudden ailment of some sort. Within a matter of hours, the person would give up the ghost. Could he have used this trick to assist Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II to carry out his vengeance on the "Ya te asem" group members he felt were a thorn in his flesh? I will not enumerate the instances where Kwabena Anane has hardheartedly carried out eyesore acts. The evil that men do, lives after them so let it be with that "Apebiakyere" supposed intelligent macho man, Kwabena Anane.

I will not sit back when the bereaved family is brooding over the possibility of not getting justice for the victim though I desire not to poke my sensitive nose into this foul smell case. I will not countenance any judicial corruption as far as this particular case goes. From my point of view based on information gathered so far from investigative research conducted, the killing was not by accident but callously executed with intent. If the Court proves the premeditation of this ghastly act beyond all reasonable doubt, then Mr. Anane will be charged with felony.

It is just too stupid and shameful to kill a young man for competing with you for the sexual intimacy of your step-daughter. Disgustingly coward as the perpetrator is, he turns round to accuse his victim of robbery thinking that could be a window of escape for him. He is nabbed and will surely do time in prison. It says if you cannot do the time do not commit the crime. He is said to be weeping and getting suicidal.

Some people have suggested a way is found to ensure Anane spends time in prison to serve as deterrence to would-be law breakers. The way forward is to secure Asihene, the victim's mum, a good lawyer. I am sure the fact that the media are interested in, and are ready to follow, the story at every stage and turn may not allow any underhand dealings to influence the verdict. The mum will surely need financial support to be able to cope with any unforeseen expenses as determined as she is to ensuring justice for her murdered son. She had wished for capital punishment for Mr. Anane but fortunately, Ghana does not take interest in administering that sort of punishment. Mr. Anane will surely live but will spend quite a number of years in prison. He has by his yobbish action been forfeited the consumption of the tasty "bearded meat" of not only his wife but also his stepdaughter. What do I mean by "bearded meat?" Have you guys forgotten that it is said in the novel, "Things fall apart the centre cannot hold" that "the penis that does not die young will surely eat the bearded meat? Was it not for this very meat that Mr. Anane was insanely driven to kill that young man, Asihene?

All those willing to help in a way or the other should establish contact with the boy's mum. Lest I forget, some people like "Ahenenananomhene" should be very careful the way they harbour ill-sentiments towards the progressives and the progress of Kumawuman. One wonders if these guys are normal when one hears them talk rubbish about their very place of birth. Once at the funeral of either a said, Nana Kofi Akom or Opayin Kwaa Anto, alias "Oh Yes", the late Op. Kwame Kodua and Mr. B.A. Mensah refused to stand up for the late Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II. By Kumawuman tradition and custom as I am told, everyone should rise to their feet when the paramount chief is passing. But for the enormity of the crimes of Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II as alleged, he had completely lost any respect from the subjects as far as this tradition is concerned. At the funeral Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II came to find the two mentioned rich men already seated. As he was being led to greet the bereaved family and the seated guests, according as told by "Ahenananomhene", the two named affluent persons intentionally refused to stand up. Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II stood for about five minutes waiting on Kwame Kodua and B.A. Mensah to accord him the traditional courtesy. Waited as he did, these two gentlemen never budged. In the end he had to pass on, having been denied the awaited traditional courtesy from the two named rich persons.

Barimah felt snubbed by these two rich men, according to the view of "Ahenananomhene". In less than no time, Kwame Koduah passed. On his death, the then to become "Ahenenananomhene" was said to be going about telling people he interacted with in the UK that Kwame Koduah has been killed by Barimah for his gross insubordination towards him as could be read from above. He was gleefully saying, "Nana aka afe no" and Nana is right to have done that to teach him a lesson, he concluded. How stupid could this young guy be? Even though the rich people from Kumawu by measure of their riches have done practically nothing, I insist, practically nothing, for Kumawu, but is it sufficient justification for one to gloat over their death? Why do you expect them to use their hard-earned personal money to help Kumawu when you condone the acts of embezzlement of Kumawuman funds by one or two traditional heads or individuals? Such ignorant malevolent guys had better have their heads examined.

May I suggest something is set up in Kumawu in remembrance of Asihene? It could be a public Library, a Leisure Centre, a big public Computer Centre etc. This will serve not only as the memory of a young life (Asihene) cut short but to remind posterity of the wickedness of a royal who was full of himself. It will also serve as deterrence to those who may want to be a law unto themselves whenever they are reminded of the fate of Kwabena Anane after killing Asihene. Anane will surely rot in the dungeon at Nsawam or Kumasi. I am really sorry for him. Will one Kumawuman citizen in Australia take it upon himself to organise for funds to help fight for justice for Asihene and also build something in memory of him?

Anyway, a word to the wise is enough. I still expect Messrs Kwasi Adu a.k.a Last Day and Opoku Mensah alias Yaw Mensah to show their love for the suffering masses of Kumawuman. Man should not live by counting his dollar wealth alone but by identifying with the suffering of his fellow beings.

Kwabena Anane is appearing in Court on Wednesday, 18th May 2011. Many Kumawu citizens have made it a date to attend in support of securing justice for the murdered victim and his family.

John Fosu

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