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General News of Monday, 24 May 2021


If you can’t obey orders don’t join the security forces – George Ayisi advises

George Ayisi, NPP communications team member George Ayisi, NPP communications team member

• George Ayisi says the security forces thrive on orders

• DCOP Opare Addo not to oblige to the instruction of the National Security Coordinator

• He said DCOP Opare Addo not obeying an order to vacate his position in the Ashanti Region committed a crime

George Ayisi, a member of the communications team of the governing NPP, has advised the people who are not ready to obey orders are not to join any of the security services because they thrive on orders.

According to him, the events surrounding the forceful removal of DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo by some alleged members of the NPP vigilante group Delta Force was because DCOP Opare Addo did not obey orders from his superiors.

Speaking on Pan African TV’s Alhaji and Alhaji, George Ayisi who is also the NADMO communications officer claims, the embattled Ashanti Regional National Security Liaison Officer decided not to oblige to the instruction of the National Security Coordinator to vacate his position so that a new can take charge.

He indicated that when the story broke that some alleged Delta Force members had tried forcing DCOP Opare Addo from office, he was very worried that in spite of legislation to disband the all vigilant groups in the country, Delta Force was still working.

Giving the circumstances surrounding his removal from office even after his contract was renewed by the National Security Secretariat, George Ayisi said, DCOP Ayensu Opare Addo was given a two-year contract by the National Security Secretariate and after it expired, the secretariate renewed.

In the renewal terms, there were clauses therein that, if the National Security Secretariate decides to truncate the tenure of the officer, two weeks’ notice must be given with pay in the lure of the truncation of the agreement and vice versa.

“And so, his mandate was renewed and in February 2021, the National Security felt they were not going to continue [working with DCOP Opare Addo] based on certain intelligence they had and so, they thought they were going to truncate his term, and he ought to relinquish power. So, it was communicated to him and it was decided that in May, somebody was going to take over, enough time was given to him [DCOP Opare Addo] to prepare and leave office.

“Yet, he decided he is not going to heed to that. Letters were sent to him, he wasn’t responding so, he was invited to come to Accra to the National Security Coordinator, he decided not to oblige then the National Security Coordinator decided to detail men to go and bring him," George Ayisi narrated.

He added, "When the facts were later rolled out, it turned out that these were officers detailed from the National Security to go and bring one of their own. The new officer Lieutenant Colonel Francis Dofa Arthur was to take over, DCOP Opare Addo says no; I don't know why because somebody appointed you and you work within the structures, you are accountable to somebody and so if there is anything that your superior officer says yes your contract has ended, relinquish your position and move on whatever compensation will be given to you and you say no, as if you appointed yourself, I don't get it...if you decide to disobey an order, you must pay the consequence for that."

Ayisi noted the security services like the National Security thrive on orders, ranking, therefore, DCOP Opare Addo not obeying an order to vacate his position in the Ashanti Region committed a crime which he needed to be arrested for with the National Security.

“Look disobeying orders is a crime. If you disobey orders, instruction by your superior officer; it is a crime and you can be locked up. You either be court marshall or march to the odd room and then you will be drilled. You can be locked for two, three days,” he said.

“So, if your superior officer gives you order, and you decide to blatantly disregard it and you say what; you should be allowed to do what? A person who’s risen in the police rank to Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP), it’s not a small post ooo and you are disobeying orders?

“I’ve seen policemen locked up in cells and drilled in the hot sun [12 noon to 2 pm], be caring a long gun not AK47, over your head for two hours moving back and forth…and here we are trying to dignify that?” Ayisi quizzed.