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General News of Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Ibrahim Mahama to support 20 GRASSAG members with 2,000 dollars as start–up seed

Ibrahim Mahama is brother of former President John Mahama play videoIbrahim Mahama is brother of former President John Mahama

CEO of Engineers and Planners, Ibrahim Mahama has pledged two thousand dollars to each twenty members of the Graduate Students' Association of Ghana (GRASAG) as start-up seed to encourage entrepreneurship among the graduates.

With the country’s unemployment rate standing at 11.9%, government is under pressure to create jobs for new graduates entering the job market. Many have also recommended a partnership between government and the private sector to bridge the gap.

The money, which is expected to be paid back after a year, is to help the graduates bring into fruition well thought out business plans that can generate income, grow the business and employ people.

Speaking at a program organized by the GRASSAG at Legon, Mr. Mahama who also owns Asutsuare Poultry Farm and MBG limited said it was his way of giving back to the society, based on support he received from a friend when he wanted to start his businesses.

“I remember when I came back from the state and wanted to start something here in Ghana, it was very difficult. I couldn’t even get the banks to help me. It was a friend who supported me with ten thousand Ghana cedis. It is that money that has helped me to get to where I am.

My company has done a lot to support people and we still continue to employ people. Even last week, we employed over three thousand people. Ghanaians do not like helping their own, we are very wicked. Once we learn to support our own we can achieve more.”

Mr. Mahama also urged the students to stay focus and work hard if they want to succeed. He said it was also important to share ideas among themselves so they can better their business plans, learn from past experiences and garner support from colleagues.

“it is only when you tell people what you have in mind that someone can step in to help. Nobody will steal your idea. If it was that easy the person would have done it already. You have to talk to people, learn from them. You never know who can help you, we should learn to open up. Stay honest, stay positive and most importantly stay away from politicians.”