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General News of Tuesday, 23 October 2018


IMANI admits ‘grave error’; makes U-Turn

Founding President of IMANI Africa, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe has said his outfit made a grave error in agreeing to settle with Kelni GVG and the Ministry of Communication.

Kelni GVG, a Haitian company was awarded a contract by the government for design, development and implementation of a common platform for traffic monitoring, revenue assurance, mobile money monitoring and fraud management — a service already being rendered by Afriwave and Subah Info Solution.

IMANI which sued against the deal it described as “needless” and a rip-off has unceremoniously withdrawn the suit from the court. The move has sparked rumors that they were settled financially by the Haitian company.

Mr. Cudjoe has however said it didn’t involve money, which social media users called a “cock and bull story”.

In a statement, President of IMANI, Franklin Cudjoe said they decided to pull out of court because their concerns against the deal have been addressed, which he now says they were deceived.

“On a more serious note, do not believe all those funny allegations by faceless cowards that we settled for money. We aren’t that cheap. Aren't these the same rumor peddlers that said the telcos were paying us when the advocacy begun?”

“Now, we have been paid by government and Kelni? Anyone who has evidence of so-called payments should make it known to the world. Isn’t it worthy to note that the party that believed it had a genuine contract and called us names will later approach to even talk and agree that on privacy concerns, they have agreed to an independent body, which includes the telecoms chamber to monitor their operations to prevent tampering with content?"

"Isn’t this modestly a sign that the advocacy wasn’t in vain after all? Wasn’t us, IMANI, that announced to the world much earlier that there had been new developments? We could have simply chosen to keep quiet if we had been bought.”

IMANI makes U-Turn

Franklin Cudjoe now believes they were misled by the body language of the Communication Ministry and will drop a bombshell soon warning Ursula Owusu they are coming for her again. captured him saying:

“Well, she confirms one thing. We couldn’t have been bought! As for her tirades, allow her. We will see who will have the last laugh. I won’t share what is coming but there will be..."

"By welcoming the request from Kelni to talk and subsequently getting them to agree through independently verifiable means to connect only to the billing nodes of telcos, we were naive to think the government and the MoC will see a window to address the overpriced contract, but no."

"We did make a grave error. Just announcing that we just started the battle for the value for money. Many are taking inspiration from our work and starting legal and quasi-legal inquiries. Not over. Good morning.”