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General News of Tuesday, 15 January 2019


I will be vindicated – Ghana Bar Association President denies rape allegations

President of the Ghana Bar Association, Anthony Forson Jnr and Kuukuwa Andam

President of the Ghana Bar Association, Anthony Forson Jnr has ardently denied rape allegations levelled against him by one Kuukuwa Andam on social media.

Miss Andam, A Ghanaian lawyer based in the United States took to her Facebook page to seek for justice for what she describes as an act by the GBA President that completely destroyed her life.

She penned the details of how she had to ‘endure’ rape from Mr. Forson whom she had met at a hotel in Washington in 2012. Per her narration, she had among other things gone to have ‘decent sex’ with the latter so she could get some money to cater for her rent expenses during her stay in school.

Though she insisted she purchased a condom for the act since she knew of Mr. Forson’s ‘numerous encounters with other ladies, Miss Andam says her pleas were ignored, instead, she was pinned down on the bed and violently defiled.

In a statement from Mr. Forson’s lawyers Beyuo & Co however, the allegations were tagged as ‘palpable falsehood’. Mr. Forson maintains that the truth will eventually emerge and his name will be cleared.

“Our client Anthony Forson Jnr's attention has been drawn to a post on one Miss Kuukuwa Andam's Facebook page that he committed an offence of rape against her sometime in 2012.

Mr. Forson sincerely and emphatically denies that he has committed any such offence against the said Miss Kuukuwa Andam.

He maintains that the allegations are palpably false and in due course he will be vindicated.

Mr. Forson will like to thank all those who have by various means shown concern and support for him and his family during this trying period,” lawyers for Anthony Forson Jnr noted in a statement dated January 14, 2019.


Ghanaian lawyer based in North America, Kuukuwa Andam made some wild allegations against President of the Ghana Bar Association, Anthony Forson Jnr.

The female lawyer in a post on her wall accused Anthony Forson Jnr of rape, narrating the alleged traumatizing experience she went through after her “rapist” failed to apologise to her for his actions.

She claims Anthony Forson Jr. raped her in a hotel in Washington D.C in 2012 when she went there to have “decent sex” with him in exchange for money she needed for her rent.

“He told me to meet him at a hotel in Washington DC for the rent money... Remember that at this time we hadn’t actually had s*x but I told myself that I would just close my eyes & do it with a condom (because I knew he was sleeping with many women) & then at least I wouldn’t have to drop out of school. He told me he would arrange transportation for me,” Kuukuwa disclosed in a Facebook post.

She added, “As soon as I settled in, he asked for s*x. I had already psyched myself up and so I asked him whether he had a condom. When he said no, I pleaded with him to allow me to at least go get a condom but he pinned me down & raped me.”

According to Kuukuwa, Tony failed to give her the full rent money as promised and even refused to communicate with her.

“After raping me, he refused to talk to me. It was as if he had been filled with some new hatred for me. He told me with disdain that I could take the $400 on the table if I wanted. I almost went mad. I couldn’t believe that he had forced himself on me & was not even talking to me. And the money he had given me was even less than the price of the laptop I had lost just to see him. So I had been raped & ended up in debt too,” she wrote.

Kuukuwa narrates how she suffered after the incident and had to be hospitalised in a psychiatric facility.

She says several letters and messages to the GBA President demanding an apology from him went unanswered, hence her decision to expose and bring him to justice.

To this effect, Kuukuwa disclosed that she has filed a criminal complaint with the Washington DC Police Department against Mr. Forson pending investigation and if the case is cleared, charges will be filed against him.

Similar allegations were made by the same against another prominent Ghanaian lawyer.