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Tabloid News of Wednesday, 16 November 2022


I married someone who qualifies to be lucifer - Man discloses

Man tells how his wife killed his unborn child and still puts him through a lot Man tells how his wife killed his unborn child and still puts him through a lot

A middle-aged man who has identified himself as Amos claims that he married a woman who qualifies to be the devil himself.

Speaking with Arnold Elavanyo on his Vibez in 5, Amos indicated that his wife aborted their first child less than one year after marriage and denied him sex.

According to him, she got pregnant again claiming that it was the previous pregnancy which wasn’t properly terminated and still wanted to terminate it.

“There was excitement and happiness when we got married but it didn’t take long and the shocks started coming. When she got pregnant, I was the happiest person and I was excited. I said yeah, I’m going to be a father.

“Then she called me and said this pregnancy was going to interfere with her career, so, she wanted to abort it, and that, I should give her money to do the abortion. I said, " No, I was young, and for me, I was not perfect, and I cannot claim to be perfect but contribute to the abortion or the killing of my first child,” he narrated.

According to the man, after he refused, his wife got home one day and told him that she had done an abortion which infuriated him.

He disclosed that his wife also stopped having sex with him because she didn’t want to get pregnant.

"Yeah, she put it (sex) on hold. She will tell you that she is not in the mood and she cannot. If we continued the sex life again, it was possible she would get pregnant again and then there will be a problem.

"So she wanted to regulate the marriage. Regulate sex. So as this happened, I saw that, no, this lady was up to about to do something. Then you could see that her movement was changing. She will tell you that she was going to work and I will get calls from her workplace and they will tell me my wife has not come to work," he shared.

As per Amos, after his wife's abortion, he noticed that she had changed and was sneaky with so many things.

Not long after, Amos claims his wife got pregnant again and when he confronted her, she said it was the old pregnancy which wasn't terminated properly and would want to abort it.

"I asked her if she was pregnant, and she said yes, the old pregnancy. So if it was the previous pregnancy, it means we need to calculate from that time and let's see. Because a normal pregnancy is nine months.

"She decided that she was going to abort that one too. According to her this one too was my baby which I didn't believe because our sex life was on hold," he revealed.

Amos revealed that in the end, his wife was diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases while still pregnant, and a test he conducted marked him negative for the STI.

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