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General News of Wednesday, 21 August 2019


I'll never employ any graduate from ‘mediocre’ University of Ghana – Alumnus Senyo Hosi

Senyo Hosi, Chief Executive Officer, Bulk Oil Distributors play videoSenyo Hosi, Chief Executive Officer, Bulk Oil Distributors

Although he boasts of three degrees from the University of Ghana, businessman and Chief Executive Officer of Bulk Oil Distributors, Senyo Hosi suggests not even a miracle would cause him to employ graduates from Ghana’s premier university.

At the university’s event marking its 70th anniversary, Mr. Hosi unequivocally mentioned that he will never hire any graduate from the University of Ghana because, they are empty and lack relevant skills.

“I have three degrees; all from the University of Ghana. I won’t hire anybody [from here]. It’s simple and it’s a matter of substance…. Your MBA people, I won’t hire. How many T. As [Teaching Assistants] haven’t written people’s thesis?” a visibly furious Hosi remarked.

“You must make people cease wanting to come for a degree. [You must make people] wanting to come for education and certain skills that make them viable in the future. Your children don’t have skills that make them viable for the future. They don’t have the thinking; they are robots. Even that robot, they can’t do it,” he continued.

Eager to get more off his chest, Hosi attributed the inability of University of Ghana graduates to think to the kind of lecturers hired to impact knowledge on them and called for the clearing out of old managers and lecturers in the school.

He said: “It starts with you guys as lecturers. It starts with you being the thinkers. You guys are not thinking. Respectfully, no thinking is going on here.”

“What do you churn out?” he asked. “You’re churning out people with degrees; not people with education. Not people with skills on how to leave. That is the problem. And respectfully, the old men running this school, they are too many. Get them out!”

A blunt Hosi was also not happy, to say the least, about how the university planned and organized the 70th anniversary Alumni Homecoming Weekend.

According to him, the event wouldn’t have had a miserable turn out if management thought through its planning and execution. The university’s failure to do the needful attracted a jab as he described the intuition as mediocre.

“This is the 70th anniversary. Can you imagine! University of Ghana!” he fumed. “What kind of communication went on to promote this programme? Meanwhile, we are supposed to have a marketing department at the Business School and a whole communication school. Look at the number of people here. This is a school of mediocrity. Look at the panellists. There is no table for them to even put their books and things.”

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