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Regional News of Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Source: Emmanuel Asamoah, Contributor

Response to sexual violence against children must be proactive - Stacy Amewoyi

Stacy Amewoyi, founder of Stacy M. Foundation Stacy Amewoyi, founder of Stacy M. Foundation

Humanitarian and founder of Stacy M. Foundation says it is high time Ghana paid attention to sexual abuse on children due to its huge disturbing effects.

According to her. national response to sexual violence must be proactive as well as adopt more pragmatic ways of tackling the menace of child sexual abuse.

She pointed to harmful practices like domestic violence, defilement, incest, rape, female genital mutilation, child marriage and child trafficking as practices that continue to drag the country backwards.

In Stacy's words "over the decades we have heard stories of child abuse in our everyday life as far the word abuse is concern.Most of these kids are abused over the years by their Uncles, Aunts, Boss, Fathers, Step-Fathers etc".

She further bemoaned that it has become common for children who suffer abuses to end up being street kids.

"Most of the times we see a lot of people on the street, then we wonder why such a pretty girl or boy is doing on the street? Truest me all these kids are as a result of abuse from one way or the other".

"Child sexual abuse is a major cause for concern for many. The dark experience children face while growing up in the form of sexual abuse is daunting and scars their memories for the rest of their lives", he added

Stacy is therefore calling for a proactive response from the nation to deal with such a cancer.

"Quite a few of people have spoken up about the issue and also revealed about their haunting memories while going through the same during their childhood".

Stacy Amewoyi, has launched a campaign to save female children from abusive guardians. Dubbed ‘Save The Girl Child Campaign’.

The Stacy M. Foundation is a humanitarian foundation that seeks to provide support to the needy to make a living and also make life comfortable for them. Stacy Amewoyi established her foundation in 2013.

According to her, the nationwide foundation aims to eradicate the gap between the poor and rich. The foundation, which has a mission of improving the lives of struggling people, has so far made strides by providing for the needy in Ghana.

The Stacy M. Foundation also provides training for individuals who want to empower themselves.