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Regional News of Monday, 31 August 2020

Source: Issah Olegor, Contributor

'I haven't sold any land' - Nana Asiedu Offei

Presiding member of the Akuapem North Municipal Assembly, Nana Asiedu Offei Presiding member of the Akuapem North Municipal Assembly, Nana Asiedu Offei

The presiding member of the Akuapem North Municipal Assembly, Nana Asiedu Offei, has debunked numerous accusations labelled against him by the Oyoko family over the sale of their land.

The Kingmakers of Akwapim Akropong Oyoko Division recently accused the Presiding Member of selling their family land.

According to the family, Nana Aseidu Offei who isn’t a family member had signed some documents to represent the Akropong Oyoko family without the knowledge of the family head and other family members.

They alleged that a family member in the person of Madam Gladys Kwakoa Sampah is in bed with Nana Asiedu Offei. The two have been selling the family land without the consent of the head of the family, Abusuapan Adu Debra.

Abusuapanyin Adu Debrah, at a press conference in Akropong over the weekend expressed his dipleasure against Madam Gladys Kwakoa Sampah and Nana Asiedu Ofei for selling the said family lands to the people occupying the following places; the Akwapim North Municipal Chief Executive residence, Police residence, Former Custom Director Residence, Akwapim North Municipal P.M.B, Akwapim Presbytery Chairman Residence, Parks and Garden and a host of others.

However, Mr Asiedu, the 2016 Independent Candidate who recently opted to join the New Patriotic Party (NPP) described the news as false and has therefore called on Ghanaians to treat it with the needed contempt it deserves.

Speaking to the media, he said, “I have seen some publication about me on some sales of land which the Oyoko family of Akropong is claiming that I have sold their land in bed with one Gladys Kwakoa Sampah but all that I want to say is that it is not true and they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt”.

Adding: “Inland cases what needs to be done is, I need to be taken to court for the court to ascertain whether I have really sold the land to them but it is unfortunate the family is moving from media house to media house, wanting to tarnish my image but at the appropriate time, the family will hear from me”

He said, “What surprises most is the family head who together with that said lady whom they claim is in bed with me sold the land to me. I think they just want to tarnish my good reputation, my political career, family and myself but I will come out at the appropriate time”

Initially, the Abusuapanyin Adu Debrah averred that the land, a portion of which is intended to be hereby granted and conveyed to Mrs Tina Ohenewa Dewar is the ancestral land of Ayoko clan of Akropong-Akwapim and the head of the family is the principal owner of the said land and has the mandate to sell the said the land.

Abusuapanyin Adu Debrah has called on all illegal occupants on the lands to contact him before the family takes any drastic decision.

But, Nana Aseidu explained that all attempts to reach the family heads have proven futile.

“I don’t see why the family head cannot come close to me because I’m not far from them. As I speak about several houses have contacted me about this issue but all that I want to say is that the truth will prevail. Akosua Agyapong was reported to have sold some land but it took two years for the court to clear her name and so I know I will be cleared by the court one day” he stated.

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