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General News of Wednesday, 8 January 2003

Source: GNA

I donate to Mosques too - Aliu

Vice President Aliu Mahama on Tuesday rejected a claim that he had given more donations to churches than to the mosque, saying though he did not want to disclose his level of contributions to the mosques, it was much higher than what he had given churches.

Reacting to a female questioner, who spoke to him in Hausa, a language he understands, at the People's Assembly on the issue, Vice President Mahama also assured Moslems that Morocco, which has a magnificent modern mosque would assist Ghana to build a national one.

Vice President Mahama, known for his generosity, last year donated 10 million cedis toward the Methodist University Hostel, among other donations to churches. He said following discussions on the issue with the Prime Minister of Morocco, Driss Jettou, a plan of the proposed mosque had been sent to Morocco.

The Moroccan National Mosque, which cost $600m, was funded by contributions from the citizenry. More than 96 per cent of the population are Moslems.

Vice President Mahama in reaction to another question on the discrimination against people living in the Zongos said development projects such as roads were being extended to deprived communities, including Zongos.

He, however, emphasized the importance of secular education as the key to personal development and prosperity, saying he had often encouraged Moslems to send their children to school.