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Entertainment of Sunday, 26 February 2017

Source: Gombilla Tofic

History lied to Africa - Gombilla The Poet

Many persons of our generation still are not aware that Africa was the first continent to become civilised, with Ancient Egypt as the pacesetter.

From magnificent pyramids, science and technology, Calendar, Sophisticated Political organisations and what have you.

But upon the advent of the Europeans, all these wonderful marks of Africa as the first continent to be civilised were hidden, and distorted from the books of history, and they concluded that Africa never contributed anything to the development of the human race.

In this new Spoken Word Poetry video dubbed :"HISTORY LIED TO AFRICA", Gombilla The poet journeys us back to history , and finally settles on Ghana, as it is the beacon of hope of Africa, as well as the fact that she celebrates her 60th Anniversary this year.

Enjoy the video below.