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Press Releases of Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Source: Ghana Diasporan Movement

Heavy military presence in Volta Region is creating fear and panic - IPM



The Independent Presidential Candidate, Dr. Tom Asiseh, and the leadership of the Independent Presidential Movement (IPM) / Ghana Diasporan Movement GDM condemns the deliberate deployment of military personnel to the Volta Region of Ghana to clandestinely intimidate our Ghanaian folks over there.

The current heavy military presence and intimidation in the Volta region is unnecessary targeting with the resultant effect of creating undue fear and panic among the indegenes at the border towns in the Volta Region.

The current Administration of the Nana Akufo-Addo led Administration should not continue to be perpetrators of such devisive tendencies which has the propensity of plunging the Nation into a tribal war.

The chaos and pandemonium which this may degenerate into can bring a lot of adverse effect on our economy which cannot be rectified soon. We don't need any civil or tribal war in this country and that is the ground the Nana Akufo-Addo led Administration is gradually leading us to.

There is no satisfactory data to substantiate the allegations perpetuated by the New Patriotic Party that we have Togolese on our Electoral Register. We cannot continue to live in the realm of conjecture which has necessitated the deployment of heavy military presence in the Volta Region particularly, the border enclaves.

It needs to be mentioned,however, that there are some Ghanaian Nationals who live and work in Togo but return to Ghana during weekends or in the evening after work. We cannot turn a blind sight to this fact and allow this tribal bigotry to continue. It is worrying and condemnable.

We should not also be oblivious of the fact that there has been intermarriages between the people of Togo and some Ghanaians living at the border. This matter has not been dealt with strategically and it is an indictment on the current administration. The NPP Government has failed and we cannot continue to hand them power to perpetuate such diabolicalical agenda.

Ghana lacks good leadership at the moment. The Government of the Independent Presidential Movement / Ghana Diasporan Movement will provide the kind of quality leadership which will be proactive unlike the reactive leadership we have seen by successive governments. We need quality and practical leadership which thinks outside the box.

The normal leadership/ managerial skills explored by other politicians has proven to be ineffective.

At this point, we implore all Ghanaians to begin looking for a better alternative that will bring Ghana back on track and I, Dr. Tom Asiseh, offer myself to spearhead this initiative of leading Ghana to a better destination.

God bless you, God bless Mother Ghana.

Signed :

Dr. Tom Asiseh

(Independent Presidential Candidate )

Abraham Awuriki Yeboah

(Director of Communications )

Alex Frimpong, Chairman

Frank Tay

Campaign Manager manager