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Health News of Thursday, 27 May 2021


Health expert educates on how to choose the right contraceptive

Mary Rose Boyuboie, others on ETV's Girls Vibe Mary Rose Boyuboie, others on ETV's Girls Vibe

Community Health Nurse, Mary Rose Boyubie, has provided insight on how one can decide on the right type of contraceptive or family planning measures that they can safely take.

Speaking on ‘The use of contraceptives’ with eTV Ghana’s Mercy Bee, the Ekumfi Princess on the Girl Vibes show, she warned that not all contraceptives are good for everyone, hence, it is important most of the time, to visit the hospital and be guided by a professional when considering family planning methods.

Detailing on factors that inform the choice of contraceptives that is best, Mary mentioned that age should always be taken into consideration because when a woman clocks a particular age, there are some types of family planning methods that they cannot use. She instanced that for women thirty-five and above, the best choice is to go for oral contraceptives.

She added, “You should see a health care professional because they will take you through some tests that are important. They will check your family history, your health history, your relationship status, the number of times you have sex and the number of people you have sex with, and all these count in deciding on which family planning method is good for you”.

According to Mary, for people who have a health history of STI’s, it is always best to go for condoms because among the various types of contraceptives or family planning methods that there are, condoms are the only type that also protects against STIs aside from pregnancy.