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Opinions of Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Columnist: Ansobie, Biliguo bie

Has president Mahama resigned?

I have followed stories of a number of protestations about the Bob-Loose-Conscience government. This is a name JM has earned in the media. The reasons variously center on hardship on the average Ghanaian. The Ya Ye D?n demonstration in Kumasi a couple of weeks ago and the OccupyTheFlagstaffHouse in Accra last Republic day are the latest. I could have joined the Kumasi one if I was sure my Headmaster woundn’t query me for taking extra days off work. I could choose to dwell on the fuel price hikes sighted by the petitioners of the latter but I choose not to. I could choose to talk about increases in utility prices but I choose to hold my tongue. What of the Right to Information bill which has tarried for more than five years? Oye Lithur now with “clenched” lips has cowered into silence. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely! Yes, I remember myself educating my students about RTI four years ago when I bought my first copy of the constitution. I had also read of the move in the dailies. Although the first was a partisan one the Accra demonstration is of concerned Ghanaians of various political persuasions removing some sort of biasedness.
I could choose to dwell on bottom power in this government, but it’s of little interest. Someone was exclaiming on radio to bring back Vicky “Bottom Power” now. In this era of computer graphics I saw an impression in which John marveled at a Lady’s beauty saying he could make her a deputy minister if she was in his government. This is not just figment of fiction. But artists and illustrators delve imaginatively into the minds of people. That is the reality on the ground. I know lawyers are critical on the law of evidence and this aspect of technology.
I could talk about the mess up in Brazil even though am not a football fan. A colleague earlier on showed me a Whatsup message suggesting the Blackstars whooping Gh¢3 milllion dollars would not permit teachers to be paid earlier this month. Thanks be to the afterthought of Mr. Bob-Loose-Conscience.
One columnist on either myjoyonline or Ghanaweb earlier posted a powerful write up entreating John Mahama to resign like his Greek counterpart Papandereu. I remember one Prime Minister resigning because he was unable to move a US military base in his country, just a few weeks after his investiture. Such was his campaign promise. I don’t know if it is this Papandereu or some sort. Apart from the average Ghanaian wallowing in poverty the curious researcher mentioned a latent investigation that I think has some connection to this write up.
It is this government that promised us heaven and paradise: a better Ghana. They promised us they would bring the perpetrators of Ya Naa Yakubu Andani to book. As if the incompetence and ill commitment is not enough another Andani has been gruesomely murdered in a similar fashion in the same region. And similar tribal clashes! And this phenomenon even transcends John Mahama’s own north. They promised us they would partition northern region into two. It didn’t happen. SADA too messed up from inception due to poor management or negative collaboration. For all you know freed Gilbert (Seidu) Iddi would one day submit Gh¢ 3 million cedis to his brother John or the NDC at large to aid in campaigns. He would certainly be hailed than any poor, committed and honest grassroot of their party. That is the hypocrisy of the system. Let’s see if Charles Abugri and his team together with Cecilia Domakyaareh and her board would make any difference. This CEO was at Accra in a press conference as if with the magic wand lambasting past ideas on the management of the Savana ecological zone project.
While the demonstrators are right John Mahama has not been able to remove the log from his own eye.
I know all is well with him in Accra because his cologne alone he uses is not on the Ghanaian market. He however moves out to preach Made In Ghana using smock as a spectacle. Aside that they have chosen to hypocritically cut down their salaries by ten percent to show they are saints and well wishers. They should make it function in the sense that their salaries are truly cut down by ten percent in which they have no legal claims back anytime. Let’s see what happens to the dotting project of CHPS compounds. I know they will never talk of the regional hospital projects for Upper West and Upper East which they swore blood for. But they are sure to come during electioneering campaigns. The blind catches the child while its asleep. I hope Mahama is not too elitist to understand this.
Today all CHAG facilities are bound to reject NHIS cards from policy holders, so to speak, should they visit the health facilities for treatment. The government has taken an official position that the onetime premium is not feasible, was a vainglorious meditation of Mahama on our petroleum income, with its illegal withdrawals and that stuff. Illegalities are not new to this government! They eloquently argue Ashanti is a cosmopolitan region(than Accra), a thing that beclouds my mind: reason for the stagnant and incompetent provider payment system dubbed CAPITATION. If the piloting has not worked let them again admit that it’s another failure. Corruption, mismanagement, Shiaaah! To hell with the NDC. Mahama is abusing a lifetime opportunity and would litter the way for other northerners. Let all remember sins are not transferable, I stand for correction. Let Ghanaians judge each by his own might without such classification.
A dozen reshuffles after a period of hesitancy; and Amidu Sulemani is going to Wa for the third time. Mahama is crafty. Look! He thinks he is sharp. The corruption and oppression syndicate that engulf the whole of cabinet has been one criteria. Apart from the personal rivalry between John and Bagbin the saga is one factor that has sent the latter into hibernation. But the heat was too much in the kitchen. Or rather Mahama thought he was sharp, been misled by meditations to nominate one of the criminals Ayariga for the youth and sports ministry to bring the elixir. Don’t worry, we will smoke them out like bandicoots.
Mahama has some sort of faith or gamble in running a doubtful government, with Duncan Williams and co as the fire brigades pushing the firewood into the hearth and fanning into flames…….. And Sharabutu and co reciting their tasbans day and night in supplication for his benefactor. Their faith not withstanding let no one make the mistake this government is run on illegalities and demons.( I could present an endless list including the Sonyo Kipo, a potent territorial deity in JM’s hometown but I would not). Where there is no law, there is no true faith. St. Jude warns us of such kind of extremism. Such is the multifaith of Mr. Bob-Loose-Conscience, a quality the men of God are swollen tongued. See Sharabutu’s one billion car, how can you talk other than to encourage the wrong? What of the Action Chaple plot which the Tefle murderer donated? While others continue to be driven like Elijah by the Jezebels and Ahabs in this government. I don’t fear any a bit, am not a child of notoriety after having spent over 30 years on earth plus one in my mother’s womb. I am trying to plug off some plank in a brother’s eye.
Bagbin himself asserts that Parliament is in the belle of cabinet even with the majority leader being a minister of state. Mahama and the NDC through meditations and ill polemics have driven parliament into a state of bizarreness, if there is a word like that. Many parliamentarians are calling for reforms in the house. They believe technology would be the main hub of their government but hate emails, a form of telepresence. Mahama appears stylistic and modernist having joined social media like facebook, twitter, whatsup, unlike some of his counterparts who begin to learn how to click or send e-mails when they first take their nomination forms towards flagbearership. To give the devil its due John “Python” Mahama has a clean sheet there. (Mills had his favorite font size).

On this Republic Day there was a machination from the Presidency itself in the name of the president tending in his resignation. There was a signature even though the NDC Squealer jumped out to condemn the act, blaming it on some faceless individuals. Mahama is running a doubtful government and should not waste the time of any security agency or committee to investigate that. There are many more important things to do. He could really have done that as Dutch courage of some sort, waking up to realize his follies. I don’t think Ghanaians are out to create hoax, panic and chaos as Ofosu Kwakye opined . There is no smoke without fire. Could it be the demonstrators plea he couldn’t withstand and he envisaged that and decided to behave like Pandereu only to be driven back by his senses? He could have honoroubly resigned on a Republic day but that is never to come, he must do so ugly.
There are many reasons why Mahama must resign. I sent a letter to the Appointments Committee of Parliament following the reshuffle after our World Cup defeat. Let’s see what comes out parliament. I was indeed angry like the demonstrators and chose to demonstrate on paper but consequently boiling down to present my plea to the chairman through the Clerk of Parliament. But this government has the propensity to treat emails as unserious as if every Ghanaian was concentrated in Accra. Contrary to Mr. Mahama’s make. I dwell in where John Mahama was, and will come where he is. Let me not close my kraal before the cattle enter. While we contemplate on our hardships let’s see what comes out of parliament, whether John Mahama would justifiably resign. The legislators must not behave like ostriches, the heat is on. The voice of this oppressed is the electronic word. I will continue to lambast government till am redeemed or languish in sheol.
Nkrumah would really grieve to see Ghana like this. May God intervene to save this republic from wrongful leaders and future doom. Amen!