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Opinions of Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Columnist: bernard ofori quaye

Government must stay away from Greater Accra chieftaincy affairs

Nii Adotei Brown an executive member of Gadangme North America has appeal to Ghana government under the leadership of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo not to interfere in the traditional affairs issues or matters especially in Greater Accra since it will undermine the values and respect that accord our traditions and customs by creating a situation that could magnify and compound the already peace and harmony atmosphere that Gt. Accra enjoys at the moment.

It is very important to every political party in power or government to see to it that all chieftaincy crisis and grievances will be resolve in a peaceful manner and in good faith in order to enable government to prosecute it agenda for the accelerated transformation and development of the country.

Mr. Brown made the call when commenting on professor Make Ocquaye, Ghana’s speaker of parliament New Year message on GBC-Obonu fm when he encourage GaDangmes to aspire and uplift the image of GaDangme in 2018 through collaboration and liaising with government and other stakeholders who matter in Gt. Accra development.

‘’ we need to develop Gt. Accra through a strong partnership between GaDangme groups both in and outside Ghana, government of the day as well as all political parties operating in Gt. Accra’’ he said.

Again, Nii Adotei Brown task all GaDangme unions and associations to speak out on issues, events and activities that happens in Gt. Accra so that authorities and other governmental agencies will recognise them as stakeholders and partners in any issue concerning Gt. Accra region.

He strongly advise the various traditional ruling houses leaders in Gt. Accra not to generate or trigger confusion, tension and acrimonious situation which always goes against Gt. Accra region for development.

‘’there is no any other person to solve or resolve chieftaincy setback and conflicts than the custodians of the stool and we must urge our king makers to do the right things for Gt. Accra region’’ he conclude.

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