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Regional News of Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Source: Ghana Daily

Gods Strike Ga Mantse

. A lesson For Akufo Addo

Monitoring Desk Report

Is Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo listening and watching?
The quest by his compatriot Dr Joe Blankson to become Ga Mantse at all cost has landed him in deep trouble.
Installed hurriedly by the connivance of some NPP bigwigs during the Kufuor administration as King Tackie Tawiah III, Dr Joe Blankson has been struck by a strange illness doctors treating him currently cannot diagnose.
For two years now, he has been on the sick bed at the Nyaho Clinic in Accra and there is no sight of relief that his sickness will be detected and treated.
The strange sickness, according to some Ga elders is an indication that the gods are “very very much angry with Dr Joe Blankson.”
According to them, his installation as Ga Mantse did not follow proper Ga customs and practices.
“If you remember during his installation, some Ga indigenes had their blood shed during violence with security personnel and some macho thugs he hired,” a Ga elder who wants to remain anonymous for now recalled.
Another Ga octogenarian told this paper, Dr Joe Blankson and his thugs entered the Ga Mantse palace at James Town and defiled the sacred area with their “so-called rites.”
He added, “For these obvious crimes against Ga Mashie, am not sure the gods will forgive him. He is paying for his sins.
“I can tell you all the gods our ancestors migrated with from Ile Ife in Nigeria to Ghana are powerful deities and they don’t tolerate nonsense. Never in the history of Gas before the coming into the scene of Dr Blankson did violence and bloodshed accompany installation of a king.”
The octogenarian said for Dr Joe Blankson to be free, he has to consult some Ga priests and abdicate the stool publicly.
It would be recalled that following the installation of Dr Blankson, some chiefly-ruling houses who also claimed that it was there turn to nominate a candidate went ahead and installed separate kings.
One of such claimant was installed as Nii Tackie Adama Latse II, who succeeded in seizing the two main powerhouses of the Ga Kingdom, the main Palace and the offices of the Ga Traditional Council.
Nii Tackie Adama Latse II is a London-based businessman known in private life as George Tackie, and hails from Piam, one of the Royal Houses within the Ga state.
Then out of the blue, the Sentse (Stool father) of Abola Piam We, James Lartey, told newsmen that it was their turn to nominate a successor to the late Ga Mantse, Nii Amugi II.
His statement announced the installation of new Ga Mantse Nii Tackie Obilie, also known as 'Ayittey Canada' who he claimed had already been nominated on August 23, 2005, and was introduced to the various families with drinks, as tradition and custom demanded.
The Akufo Addo Parallel Connection
Realising that Dr Blankson, former head of the National Development Planning Commission had indicated clearly his insatiable quest to be “Ga Mantse At All Cost” and the current bizarre ailing quagmire he finds himself has no different tangent with the desire of Akufo Addo, the defeated NPP flagbearer certainly has useful lessons to draw and advise himself accordingly.
Nana Addo’s tantrums of “President at all cost” and “all die be die” cannot be different from the Ga Mantse ambitions of Dr Joe Blankson, especially where the gods of Akyem particularly the Birim River have told Nana Addo point blank to forget about his presidential ambitions. He defied the advice of the gods.
His posture currently is that of arrogance where he has refused to concede defeat and is chasing the mirage and windmill of a legal victory in court.
Though most international leaders and observers have declared the 2012 polls free, fair and transparent and congratulated President-elect John Mahama, only the NPP led by Akufo Addo is in isolation. And supporters of the NPP have gone haywire, maiming and visiting mayhem on innocent citizens.
It will not be surprising should the gods of ‘Ghanaman’ get angry and decide to deal with Akufo Addo.
Dr Joe Blankson is just lying at the Nyaho Clinic not far away from Nana Addo’s residences in Nima and East Legon.
Somebody should inform Nana Addo to watch and listen because Ghana’s gods are …….