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General News of Sunday, 28 July 2019


Ghanaians urged to patronise local dishes

Madam Janet Edna Nyame, Executive Director of the National Commission on Culture, has urged the Ghanaian populace to patronise local dishes in their homes and in general gatherings.

Madam Nyame told the Ghana News Agency in an interview on the sidelines of the seventh edition of the ‘Kpataaashie’ cooking competition organised by the Centre for National Culture, Accra, to promote the patronage of Ghanaian indigenous dishes.

This year's event was keenly contested by 16 representatives from major market centres within Accra and some students from senior high and vocational schools within the Municipality, representing the 16 Regions of Ghana.

Madam Nyame, explained that the ‘Kpataashie’ which meant Kitchen in the Ga language, was held to drum back the rich Ghanaian culture and also to educate society especially the younger generation to develop interest in Ghanaian cultures rather than adapting to foreign cultures.

She said that the influx of foreign cultures and cuisines was gradually fading away the rich cultures and the tasty dishes of Ghanaians, adding that most worrying was the youth not having knowledge of most of our local food and how they were prepared.

Madam Nyame said that it would be very good if more of our local meals were served at conferences and other national events for foreign patrons to be introduced to our rich meals rather than serving meals like fried rice, coffee amongst others.

Sultan Nii Nortey Caesar, President of Inner-City Development Council, said that the import of religion had been a contributing factor to the loss of our rich culture, adding that as much as religion was good we needed to incorporate the Ghanaian culture into our religious fiber.

He said that our local dishes like Tumbani, Akple, Etor amongst others were extinguishing from the Ghanaian menu and such events was to bring back such dishes to the table.

He said “our grandparents lived long and stronger because of the foods they ate,” adding, most of the sicknesses like cancer, stroke and others were because of the new trend of foreign dishes served on our table instead of the Ampesi and Kontomere which contained high nutrients.

Mrs Alice Alima Kala, Director CNC, said the event provided a platform to share the nation’s culture and heritage through food which gave nourishment.

“It is a fact that coming together and sharing a meal is the most communal and binding thing in almost every place in the world,” she said.

She said there was a connection between culture and food, which implied that our food was an important part of our culture.

The Centre was mandated to preserve and transmit all aspects of the Ghanaian culture, hence the initiative to ensure that the traditional cuisine was also passed down to the younger generations.

“It is for this reason that this year, we are giving our secondary students an opportunity to take part in the competition,” she explained.

Nima Market was crowned as winners of the competition, with the second place going to Adabraka Market, third to New Century Career Training Institute, the fourth place to Agbogloshi Market, and the fifth place was given to St. Mary's Vocational.

Others were Accra High School, Mallam Market, Marina Market, Tema Industrial Mission, Kasoa Market, Abeka Market, Kwasia Dwaaso, Novotel Number 2 Market, Chantan Market, Okaishi Market, and Dome Market.