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General News of Thursday, 17 July 2014

Source: The Informer

Ghanaians urge Mahama to inject life in “Green Letters”

As a leading opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) member, Dr. Arthur Kennedy titled his all-time contemporary political bestseller; “Chasing the Elephant into the Bush,” the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government seems to have been trapped in a similar situation now.

Indeed, if one sees or hears how hitherto, supposedly powerful presidential appointees under the John Mahama administration are shaking and, or having sleepless nights; and foregoing their usual evening drinking joints; then, we should all know the power the 1992 Constitution has bestowed on Ghana’s Executive President.

Recently, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama issued what has been termed the “Green Letter” in which he thanked non-ministerial appointees for their good services rendered him and the state; and hinted of the possibility of they being affected by an impending reshuffle.

Many Ghanaians, The Informer has been speaking to, including prominent NPP members, indicate that the President’s letter was in the right direction.

A summary of some of their voices are that:

Many of the appointees have been taking the President for granted and in total disrespect, have been flouting his directives with careless abandonment, and that the letters will let all appointees of the President know their smoothness level (apologies to Master Kwesi Pratt).

They agreed that all Presidents, whether NPP or NDC, have always been let-down by appointees, either ministerial or non-ministerial as they abuse the trust reposed in them.

Almost every one of them agree that the President cannot be everywhere at same time. But it is he (the President) that the majority of Ghanaians voted for, and it is he that they would hold accountable when judgment day (election say) comes for the renewal of his mandate.

The most critical point they made was that President John Dramani Mahama, having demonstrated that he cannot be taken for a ride, must inject some life into his “Green Letters” he sent out (i.e. effect the changes he intends to do; otherwise, some of the pompous appointees will think that he (president) only barks, but cannot bite.

They also hold the view that in light of the recent World Cup failure, the President should think of himself as the coach of the National team whose team’s performance would be based on the players he selects for a match out of the pool of over hundred (100) players; and so, must give true meaning to his reshuffle by appointing the right people.