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General News of Thursday, 27 May 2021


Ghanaians lack the courage to speak their minds – Brig-Gen. Nunoo-Mensah

Former Chief of Defence Staff,  Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah Former Chief of Defence Staff, Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah

Veteran politician and Former Chief of Defence Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces, Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah, has posited that one of the major weak points of Ghanaians is that majority lack the courage to speak their minds.

In a discussion with eTV Ghana’s Samuel Eshun on the Fact Sheet show, he stated that there are some people like him who do not fear to voice their opinions, however, there are more people who fear to do so and that is why Ghana is going down.

“I’ve been around for more than 80-years so when I say Ghana is going down, I’m speaking from an evidential viewpoint”, he said. Asked to go deep into these evidential points that influence his opinion that Ghana is going down, he cited ‘dumsor’ as his first instance.

The politician further spoke on the economy of the country. He shared with Samuel Eshun that, “I was Chief of Defence Staff staying in that house which I built in Acheampong’s time. It cost me 50pesewas today to build a whole house where the Chief of Defence Staff was living and that is 5000 old cedis. The currency is now completely useless”.

“My salary was 1,200 old cedis, that is 12pesewas as Chief of Defence Staff and I could live like an Arab Sheik. The old cedi could buy one bag of cement so 10,000cedis today could have bought 10,000 bags of cement. Frankly speaking, the economy has collapsed”, he added.

According to Brig-Gen. Nunoo, there is no way anyone can make him believe that the economy is getting better when he is constantly seeing everything get absurdly more expensive than he used to get them for back in the day. He advised Ghanaians to voice their truth and not be scared to talk about their problems.