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General News of Monday, 17 June 2019


Ghanaian degrees 80% inferior to Nigeria’s – Nigerian Professor

The Nigerian Professor says Ghanaian degrees are 20% up to the quality of Nigeria's play videoThe Nigerian Professor says Ghanaian degrees are 20% up to the quality of Nigeria's

A Nigerian professor on sabbatical at the University of Education, Winneba has said degrees awarded by Ghanaian universities are only up to 20% the quality of those awarded by universities in Nigeria.

He expressed his disappointment in Nigerians who come to Ghana to acquire degrees which is more expensive than what they pay in Nigeria.

“…our people will come here and pay $10,000 but they will not pay N20,000 in the University of Lagos... What an average student pays in the University of Lagos in one session to get a degree in English is N12,000. Ghanaians are there paying N12,000… if you ask Nigerians to donate N50,000 naira every year to contribute to that university they will riot but the same Nigerians will come here and pay $10,000 for something 80% inferior to Nigeria.”

The professor who seems peeved about the treatment meted out to Nigerians in Ghana noted that he won't pay the amount Ghanaian universities charge foreign students for his child to earn a degree.

“I won’t pay 10% of that sum for my child to get a degree in a Ghanaian university, I am in the system I know the quality of education we receive here is 80% inferior to what is in Nigeria. I can tell you authoritatively,” he added.

He further stated that Ghana doesn’t have what it takes to make a university.

“No Ghanaian degree is 20% up to the quality of a Nigerian degree. All our federal universities are better than any universities here. What makes a university, it’s not buildings, it’s not trees, it’s the quality of staff that will recycle and produce others they don’t have it,” he said.

The man who mentioned his name as Augustine Nwabara made these statements in a leaked video which has gone viral on social media.

The video is purported to have been shot at a secret meeting held between some Nigerians in Ghana.