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Politics of Tuesday, 25 August 2020


Ghana's progress shouldn't be Green Books and website trackers - Ayariga

Flagbearer of the All People Congress, Hassan Ayariga Flagbearer of the All People Congress, Hassan Ayariga

Founder, Chairman and Flagbearer of the All People Congress(APC), Hassan Ayariga has said that its imperative that Ghana’s progress is not only seen in Green Books and presented in trackers like the NDC and NPP have done over the years.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) presented its infrastructural projects in a Green Book prior to the 2016 elections to tell Ghanaians what exactly they had done in the country.

The NPP on the other hand have also presented their gains on a website which can be accessed on to provide Ghanaians the opportunity to see the various projects the government has undertaken since it took over power in 2017.

But speaking at the APC’s 2nd National Delegates Conference Monday, Hassan Ayariga noted that Ghanaians have moved on from presenting progressive projects in books and tracker.

To him, if there is development, it should be proclaimed by the people in the country and not the duty of government to take pictures of them and document them to the people in the country.

He said “And when we have made progress, it should not be seen in Green Books and presented in trackers. It should be proclaimed by the good people of Ghana in their daily realities! After all when they look at their lives, they should see the positive transformation. Nobody needs to tell them with diagrams and illustrations”.

To Ayariga, Ghana’s transformation should not burden the people in the country with debt like the two major political parties have burdened the country over the years.

“Our development should not burden us with debt that will enslave our children and grandchildren. When are we going to dig out of the debt to make progress. We promise a transformation that Ghanaians can afford. We have farmed out almost every resource to foreign ownership and tied everything to debt payment and we have diminished our national sovereignty. APC will redeem this nation and give back to Ghanaians what is theirs.”

He charged Ghanaians to vote for the APC in order to give Ghana the hope that it deserves.

“Ghanaians, the choice is ours, either we get things done again by voting APC to restore our hope or we continue to perish in the hands of politicians whose only aims is to amass the wealth of this nation for their family members alone. Let’s come together and say to them on their face that, enough is enough to the shame and ridicule they have brought to this country that was seen as the beacon of hope for Africa.”