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General News of Friday, 8 May 2015

Source: kelvin kenneth

Ghana embraces speed limits technology

Road accidents are at a level, inevitable incidents considering the factors that lead to them. Over speeding, potholes, drunk driving, tiredness just to mention a few are some causes of road accidents for which precautions need to be taken to avoid if not completely, to a significant percentage. A road speed limit technology has been developed and already in use. This is intended to check and identify road users driving or riding beyond the required and acceptable speed limit.

Last investigation conducted by online Auto market company The Metro Mass Transit (MMT) in Kumasi started many installations of speed limit devices on all of its long distance buses as part of the process or initiative to promote travelers safety. This installation began in the year 2011 from which until now, discussions or issues have less been known. This system was intended to cut injuries through road accidents by 70%. This initiative was to have fitted unto cars, an automatic speed limiting device which required a detailed digital map of Ghana roads, containing every speed limit, to be drawn up.

A different mechanism has been raised and this involves the placement or fitting of cameras on vantage point by roadsides, connected to screens in the division of the police department to track and view all road users moving beyond the speed limit and any other crime that could possibly be charged. Few devices has been spotted in town when going round in the capital.

This initiative was supported by the DVLA, GPRTU, Road Safety Commission, Commission of Integrated Transport, Motorist’s Forum and endorsed by some Licenses car dealers on platform . Hopes are high in relation to the reduction of road accidents since such drivers can now be monitored and made to face the law if the need be.