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Entertainment of Sunday, 3 May 2020


Funny Face's problem is beyond entertainment – Kofi Asamoah

Kofi Asamoah, CEO of KOFAS Media Kofi Asamoah, CEO of KOFAS Media

Kofi Asamoah who is the CEO of KOFAS Media is asserting that the situation that popular Comedian, Funny Face is going through is no joke.

According to him, recent comments by Funny Face on social media should not be taken for granted, as that demonstrates he (Funny Face) is really having a serious psychological problem that is beyond the industry’s (Entertainment) gimmick.

“Funny Face problem is beyond entertainment, lets deal with it psychologically for our brother to get saved. Some of his utterances must be carefully analyzed. He frequently said that he will take his life, and other uncalled-for utterances are like he [Funny Face]] doesn’t care. If he happens to be in the western world he would have been picked up by social workers or phycologist for immediate treatment. We don’t have to sit and wait for something to happen before we realize we should have acted”, he told Doctar Cann on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra.

Kofi also said that he is not suggesting that Funny Face is mad and he knows the ‘Cow and Chicken’ star will not be happy with his assertions but that is the truth. “I know Funny Face will not be happy if he hears what I’m saying, his followers will insult me. Truth hurts but what must be said, ought to be said, the guy simply needs psychological assistance”.

Kofi encouraged those closer to Funny Face to quickly seek the services of a psychologist for their brother.

Kofi Asamoah’s comments come after Funny Face’s recent actions on social media.

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