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General News of Wednesday, 8 January 2003

Source: UN Worker/Ghanaweb

Extortion in Kosovo: Silence but No REFUND!

The UN worker investigating the Extortion case in Kosovo has now hit a brick wall. The officers are refusing to talk, but he has been receiving notes from them encouraging him to pursue their case to the very top.

The last messages received were in the form of notes that read (unedited):

    ?We have still not received the ?500 collected in the name of the IGP and minister. But NA LIE THEY CAN NEVER CHOP AM ! Please they should all tell us whether we are to pay $500 or $1000 to the development fund. What ASP KONTOMAH is saying are all lies. He was incharge the protocol office before and should know best.

    ?Please help us to make our case out, as the police administration want to KILL us.?

The last note read
    I am holding any further contact for the mean time. I know how I have suffered under Police Service just for discussing the corruptible behaviors of some senior officer with my colleagues, when I was in Ghana. I am now pulling myself together after such intimidations and wickedness at me.

    I would therefore be very disheartened if I am discovered. I am not all that afraid of standing to face issues, but the fact is my family will go through any psychological stress with me in case I am found out. I would not mind if I were alone. I want to protect my family for enough is enough.

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