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General News of Sunday, 30 May 2021

Source: SVTV Africa

Escapee shares horrific story of how children are sold and killed for sacrifice in Oti region

A photograph of Samuel Atta in an interview play videoA photograph of Samuel Atta in an interview

Samuel Atta has revealed that his biological mother sold him to a ritualist to be used as a sacrifice.

In a shocking revelation, Samuel indicated that as young as 6-year-old, his mother told him that his father was coming for him. However, after weeks he realized that he was among 40 young children to be murdered.

"We lived on an island near Kete Krachi in the Oti region. He has three wives with many children but he never killed any of them. What he does is pick a child at night, pierce a bread knife through their oesophagus till they stop shouting. Cut them into pieces and throw them into the water surrounding us,” Samuel told DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa.

According to him, he stayed there for years and eventually escaped at the age of 18. While living there, the children never brushed their teeth, neither were they given food.

"There was no electricity, we had no clothes as well. We slept outside throughout our stay in the village. I only saw light and phone when I escaped,” he said.

Speaking on how he escaped from the village, Samuel said "I had to swim my way out of the island. Even though some had tried to escape, they were either found dead or caught and killed.

"I had tried twice but failed but my master had travelled by then so he told his apprentice to tie me up. I managed to escape with a friend but he was bitten by an animal. So I had to leave him behind.”

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