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Opinions of Monday, 1 July 2019

Columnist: Esther Abena Nsiah

Ejisu Constituency enjoying good leadership in Owusu Aduomi

It seems Ejisu constituency is yet to see a weekend past without the presence of its Member of Parliament, Honorable Kwabena Owusu Aduomi in the constituency as against the huge task and numerous of governance activities on his desk as Deputy Minister for Roads and Highways.

As the days are closing in to the parliamentary primaries, it has become common in the length and breadth of Ghana to see and hear constituents whin about what they deem as the weaknesses and flaws of their respective legislators as a means of measuring MPs performance and seeking to answer whether or not to retain Legislators of these constituencies.

As a resident in the Ejisu constituency, I write with no equivocation that visibility, accessibility and good reception are attributes that can be spoken to be the possession of Member of Parliament Mr Owusu Aduomi.

Last week, I chanced on a basic school teacher at the Ejisu hospital where we both shared our thoughts on the progress of our constituency. Much to my surprise, he initiated with the words' In Owusu Aduomi, Ejisu constituency is enjoying the best of leadership.' I sought to pick on his brain in order to appreciate what seems to me unanimous applause and good thoughts being enjoyed by Hon Aduomi among substantial numbers of constituents.

Perhaps, the topic was so interesting that it caught the attention of two other nurses and a gentleman who wade in albeit, uninvited. Nearly, these other four people would easily attest to the obvious that Mr Aduomi is receptive, visible and accessible.

One nurse who I only know as Adwoa opined that, aside his major infrastructure contributions to the Ejisu hospital, she has heard of and witnessed the 'philanthropist' aspect of Mr Aduomi to the people of Ejisu.

Indeed, it has been said loosely that, MPs don't construct road however, on infrastructure Ejisu constituency is witnessing, for want of a better word a "major facelift" under the able leadership of Mr Aduomi.

The teacher Kwasi Mike in enumerating the infrastructure projects initiated by Hon Aduomi but not limited to the construction of: Teachers Bungalow at Asonomaso, numerous of mechanized boreholes, Children's ward; he cautions that, it would be a great 'catastrophe' to see Hon Aduomi being contested by others. That's not to say he cannot be contested.

However, Ejisu and the NPP stands to lose big and would be poorer than ever should we harbor such 'negative' thoughts.

I am a beneficiary of the Masloc Loan which Honorable Aduomi worked out for myself and many others in the Ejisu Constituency. With no shred of doubt, it has been supportive to my poultry business and I hold that, same can be said of other beneficiaries.

It has been said that, a certain young man who lives with his family in Kasoa, Central Region is lacing his boots to aspire as a candidate in the Ejisu constituency. Ejisu constituency would be committing a great sin should we attempt to invite that thought of having someone living with his family in as far as Kasoa, central region to be an aspirant. We ought to be grateful to God for giving us a humble and down to earth man as Hon Aduomi lest we fall on our own sword.

Some polling station Executives have alleged that, the said 'overzealous' aspirant and his hirelings took from some unsuspecting constituents a sum of money as 'processing fee' to get them 'start-up capital' from the government's entrepreneurship program.

This, to my mind, can well be described as a tip of the iceberg and speaks well of such a person with shifty and dishonest character. Fortunately, Mr Aduomi is a deputy Minister of Roads and Highways. He is one of the very few distinguished Roads and Transport engineers we've in this country and parliament of course.

The government, certainly would take much of his time, however he delivers his core mandate to Ejisu Constituency timely. Let us, as Ejisu constituents exercise caution and be of gratitude and extra patient in our approach to what may imaginary seem 'stormy' internal party primaries.

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