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General News of Thursday, 18 April 2019


EOCO & National Security fight over official bungalow

Albert Kan-Dapaah, Minister of Security Albert Kan-Dapaah, Minister of Security

Minister of Security, Albert Kan-Dapaah, has been asked to immediately call the Head of Operations at the National Security, Colonel Michael Opoku, to order over attempts to take over a state bungalow which had been allocated and in use by the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) for over 20 years now.

The call, follows the soldier’s move to use his position at the National Security Secretariat to sack some security personnel of EOCO stationed in the bungalow at Osu Ringway Estate, and use the place which has for years, been used as the official residence for the EOCO boss.

But it has emerged that Col. Opoku, who is on the EOCO board, is using his association with the board, as well as his status as the Head of Operations at the National Security to forcefully collect the state bungalow belonging to EOCO, and this is creating tension between the two state institutions with the Minister of Security been called upon to checkmate him.

Col. Opoku, The Herald learnt, started this quest to take over theEOCO boss’ official bungalow from the time the immediate past EOCO Executive Director, Dr. K.K Amoah, was at the helm of affairs.

Though, he tried all he could to have access to the bungalow, he was unsuccessful until the new boss; Frank Adu-Poku, was appointed few weeks ago, then he reluctantly gave in to the National Security chief’s demand to release the official bungalow to him for his activities, including the occupation of New Patriotic Party (NPP) militia group, the Invisible Forces others.

According to insiders, operatives of EOCO are unhappy with the situation and wants Col. Opoku’s superiors at the National Security which is under the Office of the President, to curtail his unbridled incursion into the administration of EOCO.

On Monday, this paper published how the ex-military officer, was battling Mr. Frank Adu Poku, over the building located.

The building, said to be the property of the anti-graft agency is being forcefully taken over by Col. Opoku, with the excuse that, he wants to use it as an office space.

But according to The Herald sources within the setup, Col Opoku, is targeting the said bungalow for his official duties, as well as other stuff.

Some have said, he intends to house the Invisible Forces, some of whom took part in the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election gun violence at the La Bawalashie in Accra.

The armed political thugs are to be secretly deployed under the cloak of National Security Operatives for operations as and when the need arises.

For some time now, this paper gathered, the Head of Operations at the National Security, has been frequenting the said building, assessing it appropriateness and suitability for his operations.

For about two weeks, National Security sources say he has been threatening fire and brimstone, if the few operatives there refuse to hand over the keys to him. He has mounted severe pressure on the ex-Police Commissioner, Frank Adu Poku, to hand over the house.

But not wanting any infighting or a case of dog bite dog spectacle within the government, the EOCO boss, has reluctantly agreed to eject his men and women there to pave way for the new occupants to take charge of the building.

In this regard, he has already asked his staff to vacate the place and hand over the keys to Col Opoku to prevent any fracas.

The EOCO boss, who was appointed weeks ago, according to sources, gave an ultimatum to the staff to leave as at last week and it is hoped that by this week, they would have vacated the office.

Meanwhile, The Herald, has gathered that the said building, has been the property of EOCO from the time it was called Serious Fraud Office (SFO), till it present state and successive bosses of the Office, have used it during their tenure and held meetings there.

The Herald’s information was that, Mr. Sapati and the late Justice Tsar, used the bungalow as their official bungalow.

The strange part of the whole force eviction which has raised several eyebrows is that, the National Security set up, has many offices and buildings spread in the national capital, and that Col. Opoku and his boys could have occupied any of them.

The Herald was informed Col Opoku’s decision to move some of his duties to the EOCO bungalow is because, he feels uncomfortable at his present place at the Castle Annex, also known as Blue Gate.

Sources say, he has been unhappy with how information which is not for public consumption, are leaked into the public domain. He has become very paranoid and erratic; not knowing what may come out the next time.

Recently, Col. Opoku in his frustration was seen publicly throwing tantrums about certain information that were leaked, warning he was going to conduct his own investigation and that in the event that he gets hold of the one behind the leakage, he will deal with the person ruthlessly.

According to the former head of Physical Education in the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), someone has been recorded and that the recording is going to be made available to him, after listening to it, he will unfeelingly deal with the person captured on the secret recording.

He is as a result, relocating to prevent information from coming out.