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Politics of Thursday, 21 February 2008

Source: GNA

Dr Ndoum reiterated his promise to the party to replace the

"Mmobrowa Campaign" with vigorous political campaign on all fronts, saying whereas he was not expecting big money from a particular source for his campaign, he would use the "poor man's fundraising" style, like Barrack Obama did in the USA, to raise enough money for his campaign. "So far, the poor man's fundraising style is working for me because people are committed to my cause and they have been donating their bit faithfully and consistently," he said.

Dr Ndoum said money was necessary to run a good campaign but the most important thing was the message, saying "like Obama, my message of real change for the better has so far gone down well with the electorate".

On the issue of choosing a woman as a running mate, Dr Ndoum said even though he had spoken with a few people, including some women he trusted had the ability and capacity to run with him, he had not taken a decision as yet.

Touching on the visit of President George Bush to Ghana and its possible impact on election 2008, he said when President Bill Clinton visited Ghana during the era of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) it did not make the NDC's fortunes better as they lost the subsequent elections to the NPP.

"In the same manner the visit of President Bush will not stop the CPP from winning power from the NPP in this year's elections," he said. He said President Bush visited Ghana not necessarily because of the performance of the ruling government but because of the commitment of Ghanaians in general to democracy, adding that it took the masses to make a good government and not the other way round.

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