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General News of Thursday, 30 July 2020


Domelevo should give us a break – Kofi Ameyaw

Daniel Yaw Domelevo - Auditor-General Daniel Yaw Domelevo - Auditor-General

Head of Information for Ghana Permanent Mission to United Nation, New York Frederick Kofi Ameyaw says the Auditor General Mr. Daniel Domelovo should give Ghanaians a break.

It was reported early yesterday that the Auditor General who is on leave visited his office only to find out the lock to his office door has been changed.

Video taken at the office has gone viral with a lot of Ghanaians voicing out their opinion on the issue.

Frederick Kofi Ameyaw believes there are a lot of crucial issues the country has to deal with and as such the Auditor General should give Ghanaians a break with the recent happenings.

In an interview with Jonnie Hughes which was monitored by GhanaCrusader he said ‘I would wish that if Mr. Daniel Domelovo loves this country as he wants us to believe, he should give us a break and leave the public out of this. This country is confronted with serious issues that need serious approach to solve them. I think we don’t need this in our space especially when we have been burdened with a lot of corrupt practices even in the civil service and all of that’’.

According to Kofi Ameyaw, Mr. Domelovo’s decision of taking video and giving it out to the media is not necessary. Mr. Ameyaw believes the issue could have been solved differently rather than making it a topic for public discussion.

‘This is a simple issue that could have been resolved by a single phone call or just walking out to the other office to find out what is going on rather than going there with somebody videoing the whole process and giving it to the media. I think this is not necessary’’.

The Auditor General who was directed by the President Akufo-Addo to go on leave, decided to visit his office for documents, only to find out the locks to his office have been changed without his permission or any notice.

A number of scholars including the African A-Gs, have raised concerns on the corruption-free nature of the Akufo-Addo governemnt; if the Auditor-General who is fighting corruption has been sent on a forced leave, which they term as not legal.