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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Columnist: Mboda, Osman k.

Do you really pity northerners Mr President?

President John Mahama President John Mahama

By Mboda Osman k

John Mahama in his usual lack of common sense and campaign rhetorics stated in lawra “sometimes I feel sad when I see some of our northern brothers running around and also doing (change sign), they will use you and dump you”. Oh really Mr President, excuse me! Do you actually hear yourself speak sometime?

History be told, no President in the history of Ghana since independence has actually used, misused, abused and dump Northerners like you did, doing and seeks to do.

Mr President, if you care to know, 60% to 65% of the employed youth in the North are either teachers or nurses. What have you not done to this once revered noble institutions? Teachers and Nurses have become destitute under your watch and you pity them for calling for change?

You have out of insensitivity cancelled trainee allowances that cushions our Northern brothers and sisters in their training to become professional teachers and nurses have you not refused and dump them? And, in your most recent encounter with the public on GTV you went ahead to add more insults to the wound, saying if teachers think their salary is not good they should further their studies and change a career because that is what you did and that has made you who you are today, very very unfortunate of a president.

Mr President, have you soon forgotten that some teachers have worked for 2 and 3 years’ without salary and were only paid 3 months? How then can they further their education and change a career? Mr President, with your insensitivity to the plight of teachers for 8 years, they were working without salary, frequent increases in utility bills, teachers were working without salary, when fuel prices are sky rocketing like B52 bombers, they are still working without salary.

When inflation was at the peak of mountain, Kilimanjaro, they were still working without salary. When those teachers had to pay the school fees of their wards and struggle day-in and day-out to fend for their families, they still worked without salary. Have you not used, misused, abused and dump them? What moral right do you then have to pity them when they are calling for change?

Mr president, I don’t think you deserve another term in office not for the sake of Ghana but for the sake of northerners because your administration has mistreated Northerners far worse then any government in the history of this country.

Mr President, refer to your Bible in Mathew 7:9 “ which of you, if your son ask for bread will you give him a stone?”. But we asked for help yet you offered us misery and unending suffering. We worked for our salary yet you denied us our sweat. Have you not read in our religious books where they state ‘ pay the worker for his work before his sweat dries” if only you know the consequences of your actions you would not pity Northerners who are calling for change.

Northerners have suffered undue hardship under your watch and have prayed against your leadership and Allah will not renege on our request for a change. For your type of leadership is not what we voted for

Another term in office will be a disaster in the north because the future is bleak for the northerner and the younger generation under your leadership..

Enough of the gross incompetence

Enough of the looting

Enough of the wanton abuse of our resources

Enough of the hardship and suffering

Enough is enough.


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