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Opinions of Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Columnist: Charles Sam

Dear nation builder

As the case is every four years, the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Election is just around the corner. In a multi-party governance system, the vehicle for renewal or withdrawal of mandate of an incumbent administration, or the choice of an alternative political group, is credible elections.

Indeed elections are not an end in themselves, but a process that legitimizes the choice of national leadership to prosecute a more progressive development agenda that we are all bound to pursue.

However, for the electorate to make a choice from the number of candidates who have put themselves up for election through a voting process, ultimately leading to the elected using the instruments of State to advance the cause of the nation, it must first have an appreciable understanding of where we are as a nation, the factors that got us to this point, the need for urgent reinvention and transformation as well as the reinvention and transformation agenda itself, what it would take to deliver this agenda, and whom amongst the candidates on offer can best deliver this agenda.

This is because a well-imformed, well-thought-out, intentional decision, can only be premised on adequate information on the right development agenda (develop-mobile) of the nation going forward, within the context of specific time, season and era, so that individually and collectively as a people, we would more likely chose competent, qualitative, honest, effective, and responsible leaders who will deliver the progressive direction, future prosperity, dimensions of success, security and blessed destiny, of our individual and collective national life.

Such crucially relevant public education will help lift up the quality of public discourse with respect to the real issues to be voted on and politicans should be addressing, would rekindle keen interest and active citizenship to follow carefully, consider soberly, dispassionately and intelligently, both media and political discussions as well as activity on the ground to discern the real from unreal.

It would also progressively fade out the irresponsible, indifferent, careless and uninformed posture of the citizenry with respect to election preparations and political activity which ultimately lets some wrong persons slip in to occupy the leadership space. The negative outcome of loss of interest in the democratic process as time passes by must not be permitted to rear it's ugly head.

God has endowed each one of us, not only politicians, with the ability to be a constructive part of building and being a proud citizen of a great nation. This endowment of God also includes the ability to think deeply and strategically, plan effectively, organise brilliantly, conduct onself in all honesty and with integrity, make intelligent choices, wise decisions and deliver accurate implementation, virtues that depict the image and likeness of God.

It will be the height of irresponsibility for each one of us to abandon this sacred God-given right and mandate, with its adequately provided equipment for delivery, (His attributes He has invested in us), and call on Him to use the same capabilities to save us from our irresponsible choices.

After 59 years of a difficult national life, characterized by a mixed bag of retrogressive elements including short-sighted, incompetent, dishonest, ineffective, inadequately thinking, non-strategic, undetermined and irresponsible leadership of various political persuasions, resulting in mediocrity, dashed hopes and aspirations, delayed socio-economic transformation, poor education and employment structures, an increase in the resort to illegal tools, inaction, embarrassing timidity, devaluation and loss of excellence as a critical life value, frozen state institutions, a never ending cycle of falure, business decimation, a self- made energy crises, it is game changing time.

We must make the crucial big shift unto the futuristic-focused strategic transformation playing field.

This calls for a major shift from the issues that determined winners and losers of all our previous elections, from the development agenda that was premised of the thinking and energies of the old, to an agenda bigger than us and energized by the brimming creative energies of nation's youth, from a locally centered economic development agenda to a global one, one that will challenge the best that is globally competitive in us to daringly come forth to rapidly enhance our forward march.

The power to determine who leads us through a credible reinvention and transformation programme to achieve great nation status, rests with us individually and collectively. Election 2016 should be premised on nothing less than a major transformation agenda that will take us permanently out of this tight-box underdevelopment and never ending cycle of failure which s killing the spirit of self-belief and possibility in the Ghanaian, especially our youth.

This crucial non-partisan public education advocacy and campaign, sharply focused on national game-changing, will be done through the medium of radio, television, social media platforms, adult educational institutions, churches and islamic organizations, community engagements, corporate gatherings, nationwide engagement with the youth, conference and seminar platforms, and non-partisan political public rallies nationwide with the best resource people from all sections of society.

It is structured to to carry the mass majority, especially the new generation along and would not be done in a vacuum. It would be done within the context of our societal reality with everyone's participation, and that should be the proper implementation strategy.

It's collective, co-creative, non-partisan political nature, the people's project towards making the big shift unto a more progressive, transformational path to becoming a great nation, logically implies that it must be supported financially, logistically, materially, and resourcefulness-wise by society.

We are by this documented exposure, soliciting the support of every Ghanaian, individuals, groups, institutions, religious bodies, business entities, and also foreign diplomatic missions and international organisations. Every contribution, regardless of its weight, will be respected and appreciated.

Let us capture this opportune moment to make 'THE CHOICE to effect THE CHANGE in our 4TH Republican national development agenda, direction, discourse, narrative, as well as the right thinking that determines the leadership outcome of the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections to courageously pursue our new agenda.

As we observe carefully, think intelligently, not emotionally, descern right from wrong and real from unreal, let us all ensure that the right stage is set for the elections, the conduct is characterized by integrity, and be mindful to vote wisely.

We look forward to your earliest participation and support. Yes we can! God bless the rise of the New Ghana

Charles Sam is the CEO of Golden Future Promotions. E-mail :