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General News of Friday, 28 August 2020


Coronavirus: Conference of Heads of Basics Schools calls on government to pay them allowances

Basics school students. File photo Basics school students. File photo

Conference of Heads of Basics Schools (COHBS) has called on the government to give teachers some allowances considering their efforts to educate students in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

COHBS says that they can also be considered as frontline workers as they assume the role of nurses in their respective educational instutitions.

General Secretary of COHBS, Alex Ackah, wants the government to incentivize them for their efforts.

“We are looking forward that the government should consider the good works that we are doing. When the government gives us something it is not bad. I am talking about cash. We are also frontline workers because we are dealing with students whose status we don’t know of. We are able to identify people with high temperature and refer them to the nurses,” he said.

Alex Ackah also called on those responsible for the delivery of the hot meals to basic school pupils as promised by the government, to come earlier than their usual time.

He says that it will be better for the meals to be delivered at about 10:45am as that is the midpoint for classes.

“The midday is at 12 o’clock and we are closing at 12:45 pm and at that time the students will be going home. I think that between 10:45 am and 11:45 am, it will be appropriate for the students to eat. At 10:45 am, we have done two periods and it is left with another two periods. So that will be the midday for teaching and learning. The midday is 10:45 am. If any caterer who wants to accept our negotiation, then it should be around that time,” he said.

PPEs matters

On the matters of the supply of personal protective equipment (PPEs), Mr. Alex Ackah commended the government for its efforts.

He says that the government has been quick to supply PPEs to guarantee the safety of students as they prepare for their Basic Education Certificate Examinations.