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General News of Thursday, 26 May 2016


Constitution causing leadership crisis in Ghana - Dr. Armah Viam

Executive Director of VIAM, a Civil Society Organisation, Prince Armah Viam has opined that Ghana is currently suffering from leadership crisis as a result of too much power assigned to our leaders by the Constitution of the Republic.

Speaking in an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem, Mr. Viam said too much power has been given to leaders in the country, making it difficult for the country to develop along a united front.

The winner takes all syndrome and political arrangements in Ghana he noted, is making it extremely difficult for other Ghanaians to contribute to the development of this nation.

Ghana he explained, is divided along political lines with government only interested in appointing persons with allegiance to their political party, even if those individuals are inexperienced.

Mr. Prince Armah Viam bemoaned the lack of pragmatic programmes to solve our problems as a country, with political parties who are voted for only managing this nation with 'unplanned programmes' which has failed this country.

Leadership, he said, has failed Ghana; however, all hope is not lost if only Ghana adopts a planned programme which will be followed through by any government in power.

Some countries he added have in place programmes which are followed through by all governments and if Ghana should follow through the kind of leadership practiced elsewhere, we will develop.

In his view, it will be difficult for Ghana to have a planned programme through a national consensus due the divisive political arrangements in Ghana, but with political will, we will get there.

Politics in Ghana he emphasized is ethnocentric, partisan and with a wide system. Ghana he believes can go back to the Prime Minister's era with a strong Parliament where the nation is geared toward a unified form of governance.

Elections in Ghana today he said, is now a do and die affair with political parties especially opposition doing all it can to win power at all cost.

He urged Ghanaians to reflect on going forward in terms of redefining our constitution to unite our country and run this nation in a more united form.