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General News of Saturday, 15 December 2012

Source: The Informer

Commentary - Media Tasting A Dose Of “All Die Be Die”


Thank God The Media Is Tasting A Dose Of NPP’s “All Die Be Die” Barbarism!

The Informer has never believed in violence as a means of solving problems. Indeed, we believe that, at all times, normal human beings must not adopt the rule of the jungle to settle scores.

Inasmuch as we do not support the beating up of innocent citizens, we must admit that for very “purposeful” reasons, we are not too bothered that the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is unleashing terror and mayhem on a section of the media.

We are not bothered about the mayhem that is being unleashed on a section of the media, because of the gross hypocrisy that has been exhibited by a section of the Ghanaian media vis-à-vis the horrible and cruel attitude of the NPP over the decades. It is not a secret that the NPP is party made up of beasts. The NPP is a fascist terrorist group, and not a political party. Ghana’s history is replete with factual stories of the bestial extent to which the UP/NPP conduct politics. The UP/NPP political tradition is the most violent political tradition in Ghana; and there is no dispute about it. For some reason, a section of the media chose to pull a veil over the boorish and animalistic behaviour of the NPP; resulting in the mayhem that is being unleashed on the media today.

A section of the media chose to pretend not to notice the unacceptable conduct of the NPP; and things have gone out of hand.

The Informer recalls the brutish manner in which the NPP former chairman and General Secretary, Harona Esseku and Nana Ohene Ntow respectively, turned the NPP’s Kokomlemle Head Office into a Gestapo torture chamber.

For the period that Esseku and Ohene-Ntow managed the NPP Headquarters, scores of journalists tasted the bitter beatings of the NPP.

Somehow, because most of the journalists who were beaten and tortured were perceived to owe allegiance to the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), the larger section of the media ignored the cries of those innocent journalists. Just for the records, we recall the beating to pulp, of a certain Peter Apesawu, who was then working for The Insight. The said Peter Apesawu was beaten and tortured upon the orders of then National Chairman Harona Esseku. The cries of Peter Apesawu did not catch the attention of the media, and the poor chap had to suffer his predicament alone. We also recall how a certain Dickson Gborgblor, who was then working for The Enquirer, was beaten to pulp and his “balls” squeezed with relish upon the explicit orders of Nana Ohene-Ntow.

As much as the said Dickson Gborgblor tried to make his voice heard, he did not catch the ears of the media.

When Koby Fiagbe, Editor of The Ghanaian Lens, was brutally assaulted by some NPP hoodlums masquerading as policemen, during the 2005 Odododiodoo by-election: His cries were not heard by the media.

The most bizarre form of media hypocrisy occurred in February this year, when Multimedia sacked Nana Kwabena Bobiee Ansah from Asempa FM, when Anthony Karbo, John Boadu, and scores of NPP hooligans besieged the premises of Asempa FM to brutalise the journalist for doing his work in a very professional manner. Instead of Multimedia giving Bobiee an award for exhibiting a high sense of professionalism by preventing NPP brigands for abusing President Atta Mills on his Ekoo Sii Sen programme, Multimedia rather obeyed the command of Akufo-Addo and the NPP, and sacked Kwabena Bobiee Ansah.

Yet, when, uncouth, ill-bred, and traitorous Frances Essiam got whipped by some NDC young men because she was foolish enough to be prostituting with the NPP but appear at an NDC congress to insult that party Founder and the Party, the media fed fat on that matter.

Indeed, when even a known NPP media operative in the person of Afia Pokua was beaten in the presence of former President John Kufuor and Akufo-Addo at an NPP congress, the media chose not to notice that barbaric act.

Of course, Afia Pokua herself chose to keep quiet over the matter. Only God knows the kind of stinking noise Afia Pokua would have made if she was beaten at an NDC congress.

So, after years of pampering the NPP and allowing them to get away with their acts of barbarism, the Ghanaian media now tastes the bitter fruits of the bitter tree that they watered to grow.

Who on earth would have believed that today, Multimedia reporters would be at the receiving end of the barbaric and bestial acts of the NPP? If Multimedia had been professional and not doing the bidding of the NPP, would they not have prevented these kinds of animalistic behaviour by speaking out when the nonsense began years ago?

When Multimedia chooses and picks who to nail to the cross, this is the high price they will have to pay. Today, Joy FM reporters have to hide before covering NPP events? Ei! Ei! Ei! Wonders shall never cease!!! Never did we spend a second dreaming that a day will come when Multimedia reporters will be the prime targets of Akufo-Addo’s wee-chocked and cocaine-filled “All Die Be Die” militants. Today, the NPP has democratised violence and distributing mayhem like confetti, and The Informer is enjoying the events as they unfold. Look at the time that it has taken Ransford Tetteh and his Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) to issue a statement condemning the barbarism of the NPP. Only God knows the speed with which Ransford would have issued a biased statement if it was the NDC that was unleashing mayhem on innocent journalists. Just because Ransford is a card-bearing member of the NPP, he most certainly is finding it difficult to condemn the animalistic behaviour of his party members. Honestly, how we wish that a few of those wee-induced slaps will land on the face of Ransford Tetteh and his GJA Executives, for them to wake up from their sycophantic slumber.

Of course, if a few slaps landed on the face of Mensa Otabil, he may also wake up from his sycophantic slumber and realise that indeed, Akufo-Addo and the NPP are “Very Baaaaad Company!”

As mentioned at the beginning of this piece, The Informer does not accept that the elephants should be allowed to unleash their animalistic conduct on innocent Ghanaians. But when people choose to sow seeds of sycophancy and end up reaping bitter barbaric fruits, we cannot help but watch them suffer.

Now that the media is somewhat prepared to confront the animalistic conduct of the NPP, The Informer hopes that we will all contribute to exposing the NPP’s true and innate violence-laden character, so that we can together ensure that we never again allow such beasts to get close to the seat of Government.