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General News of Tuesday, 28 February 2017


Chief who opposed Ghana Gas CEO concedes defeat

Awulae Agyevi Kwame II, Paramount Chief of Nsein, who was the lead advocate against Ben Asante as Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Gas Company, has conceded defeat and pledged to work with him.

He explained that he had nothing personal against the new Ghana Gas CEO.

According to him, his initial opposition to the appointment to the CEO position of Dr Asante, announced at a press conference a week ago, was nothing but a fair campaign for an Nzema indigene.

“That act was not borne out of dislike or hatred for Dr Asante," he said.

Awulae Agyevi Kwame II said this at the funeral of the late Queen mother of his traditional area at Nsein on Saturday.

The new CEO of Ghana Gas, Dr Asante, sent a high level delegation to represent him and the Company.

Speaking at the funeral, Awulae Agyefi Kwame expressed gratitude to the new CEO for sending a delegation to represent himself and the Company at the queen mother's funeral.

He praised the CEO for sending the delegation in the midst of the furore he and others generated over his appointment.

He insisted that he had no regrets for campaigning for a different candidate other than Dr. Asante, but conceded that his side had lost in the battle for the position. "I cannot but accept the President's choice for the position though l still hold on to my position that an Nzema would be be a better candidate.

"Some may misunderstand the presence of Ghana Gas at this funeral. Don't be. When an important stool or position becomes vacant, people jostle for it. Things are said and done.

I have no regret for jostling for an Nzema to become the CEO of Ghana Gas. Like the jostling for my departing Queenmother, such expressions of preference are to be expected. Of course, l was very aware and very conscious of the fact that the appointing powers rested with the President. So if he has made his choice and stands by it, l cannot but accept it in spite of my wishes. It is in the same manner that those who are jostling for the departing Queenmother's position would have to accept it when a candidate is appointed."

Meantime, Dr. Asante last Thursday began to pay courtesy calls on chiefs, elders and people of Nzemamanle.

The tour began with a successful visit to Awulae Amihere Kpanyilli III, Overlord of the Eastern Nzema Traditional Area and controller of the main host of the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant.

The visit was followed up with a private visit to Awulae Attibrukusu III and continues next week with official visits to Lower Axim Traditional Area, Nsein, Jomorro, among others.

The Awulaem (Omanhenes) expressed their support of Dr. Asante's appointment and acknowledged that he was highly qualified for the job assigned him.

Both chiefs said they had worked with Dr Asante during their membership of the GNPC and Ghana Gas Board and do not doubt his expertise and skilled knowledge of the tasks ahead.

"I was a member of the GNPC Board that decided to recruit you from Houston, Texas, to Ghana and have seen your performance throughout the years. I've no doubt the President has made an excellent choice in appointing you," Awulae Attribukusu said.

He urged him to work hard and prove his critics wrong through his successes.

He said Nzemas were appreciative of the high number of jobs that have come their way by virtue of the presence of the Company.

Awulae Attibrukusu pointed at the number of Nzema staff that accompanied the CEO by their names, tonation and identified by their names and tonation which part of Nzema they come.

Officials of the ruling party and parliamentary candidate of the New Patriotic Party at the last elections, Bonzoh K, who is tipped to be the next District Chief Executive of the district, also publicly affirmed their full support of the CEO, stressing that the President and government have directed them to do so.

They also pointed out that the CEOs children are Nzemas through their mother by virtue of the matrilineal Nzema inheritance system.

Both Awulaem said they disagreed with the press conference called by their colleagues and could not support the context and arguments put forth against Dr Asante's appointment. Awulae Kpanyilli asked the CEO to focus on his job and job delivery as the perfect response to his critics and not be bothered by the initial disagreements.

Awulae Attibrukusu reiterated similar sentiments at his residence.

He said his own Nzemas jubilated when his bid to become President of the National House of Chiefs was not successful.

"They hailed and celebrated challenges faced by your former CEO, Dr. Sipa Yankey, here in Nzema. He faced worst challenges.

“So move on, don't get distracted; focus on the positives and deliver to vindicate the faith reposed in you", he added.