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Regional News of Tuesday, 30 June 2020


Catholics don’t serve God alone, they’re only on contract – Kweku Peprah

Some members of the Catholic church Some members of the Catholic church

Lucifer, a Ghanaian spiritualist, personally referred to as Kweku Peprah, has asserted that Roman Catholics are only on a contract to serve God, hence, they do not serve Him only.

This came during his revelation on why corpses are taken to churches. According to him, there are types of spirits who like corpses and there are others who hate corpses.

He revealed on Happy FM’s Nsem Pii with Rev. Nyansa Boakwa that the Holy Spirit(God) hates corpses but the taking of corpses to churches for final rites was introduced by the Catholics because they do not serve only God, but also serve the sun gods.

These sun gods, per Lucifer’s knowledge, are among the category of spirits who like corpses, hence the reason for the Romans’ initiation of taking corpses to churches.

The spiritualist advised that Christians take their time to learn the word of God properly, lest they be deceived.

To prove his point that God considers corpses as unclean and does not like corpses, he quoted the Bible verse ‘Numbers 19:11’, which states that “He that touches the dead body of any man shall be unclean seven days”.

He concluded with some food for thought that, “Why do you think that before entering the part of the mortuary where they keep the dead bodies before putting them in a fridge, you have to be in boots? And why do you think people wash their hands after entering that room or touching a corpse?”