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Diasporia News of Sunday, 24 May 2020

Source: GNA

CPP will not compromise in pursuit of social justice – Nana Frimpomaa-Sarpong

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Nana Akosua Frimpomaa-Sarpong, Election 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate of the Convention Peoples’ Party (CPP), on Saturday said the CPP will not compromise in the pursuit of social justice.

She said the Party believed in creating a society that gave equal opportunities to all with the future of citizens not determined by accident or circumstances of their birth but by the opportunities created by responsible government interventions.

Nana Frimpomaa-Sarpong, in a statement to the Ghana News Agency on the future development of the CPP towards Election 2020 and beyond, stressed that governments had failed to create the appropriate interventions but the “CPP will work towards shaping society whether in government or out of government for the pursuit of social interventions”.

She said the present injustices in the distribution of national wealth should be of great concern to every decent and God-fearing Ghanaian.

“The Youth of Ghana are struggling too much, I see this injustice in the area of education. The current situation gives rise to gross unfair distribution of the nation's wealth, it must be corrected”.

“I see injustice in the area of Agriculture. The average farmer is under-resourced, underpaid for his or her hard work.”

“Due to lack of social infrastructure and social interventions, he or she is stuck in the village with no opportunity of generating any income except in harvest time of cash crops, when in season, and middle men or women come to buy from them.”

On CPP’s internal politics, Nana Frimpomaa-Sarpong, vying for the Chairmanship position, said: “We are currently at another challenging moment to revamp the Party and offer it as the third force in Ghanaian politics…’’

She said although the CPP could make significant strides because the masses were calling for its return into governance, the internal fragmentation, wrangling and bickering would not help achieve the intended mission.

Nana Frimpomaa-Sarpong appealed to the leading members of the Party with noble ideas and innovations to join her to revive its fortunes.

“If we want to organise the Party, we must all forget about our personal ambitions and come together and plan a way for its progress…which I strongly stand for hence my response to calls to lead as National Chairman,” she said.

“I am contesting for the National Chairman and Leader of the Party to make sure that CPP is restructured on a very firm foundation; I want to ensure that there are systems and procedures, which work… We have to build capacity.”

She pledged her commitment to building a formidable party capable of making huge impact on the country’s political landscape.