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General News of Sunday, 10 May 2015

Source: Akomfrah, Nii Armah

CPP salutes all mothers

The Convention People's Party (CPP) salutes all mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, in Ghana. That unique band of female members of the human species, committed to nurturing all, including those who are not biologically theirs, women who love with a mother's heart. Today, we express our deep appreciation for your selflessness; the differences you have made and continue to make in our lives, regardless of any obstacle.

You pray over us, you worry about us, you guide and support us, you are patient with us, and you are the glue that hold families together and thus nations together. You will always hold a special place in the heart of our nation and all nations.

We pause to commiserate with Mother Suweiba whose baby vanished mysteriously, after birth at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), a year ago. To date there is still no information about the child.

We take the opportunity to bring to the notice of all Ghanaians, the current state of our Mother Earth, acknowledged and revered daily in our various mother tongues – Asaase Yaa (Twi), Da'nyigba (Ewe), ?ikpon Ole?le (Ga), among others.

Our Mother Ghana, is being assaulted, indeed at risk of matricide, perpetrated by some of her own children in connivance with foreigners. Asaase Yaa, the Bountiful One, provider of all we need. Da'nyigba, the Generous One, she who has fed and nurtured us for generations, filled our national and personal coffers with wealth. ?ikpon Ole?le, whose rivers, streams and lakes are being poisoned daily by galamsey practices; her forests ripped out for sale as timber or for so called development, leading to desertification.

In the latest wrongdoing, a few ungrateful and greedy sons and daughters are tripping over themselves to hand over Mother Ghana's DNA in her flora and fauna, to international agribusiness companies. With the passage of the Plant Breeders' Bill, Asaase Yaa's eternal generosity of providing many heads of corn from one seed, will be owned and controlled by these companies. They have created seeds whose DNA and other properties have grave consequences for our viability as a people.

The agribusiness companies and their local allies believe Mother Ghana's soil is not good enough, and seek to help her out by applying toxic chemicals that other nations have tried and found severely wanting. These chemicals are killing off bees and other flora and fauna in their countries, seeping into their waterways and making their people ill.

As our earthly mothers are wont to say, 'if you don't know death, take a good look at sleep'. Several scientists have cautioned for a moratorium, and other nations have rejected GMOs and their toxic chemicals outright. Yet, the present government is not taking sufficient notice of the calls for caution from civil society. The Opposition displays its allegiances by being mute about the grave dangers that GMOs pose to our health, wealth and sovereignty.

The CPP calls for an immediate halt on the imposition of GMOs in our environment. We call for a stop to the Plant Breeders' Bill. After the constant selling off of all our man-made national assets, since 1966, our common wealth of flora, fauna and water should be upheld as the birth right of ALL Ghanaians, living and unborn. We dare not betray that legacy. For, the death of Asaase Yaa, spells doom and death for us all.

Happy Mother's Day

Nii Armah Akomfrah CPP Director of Communication