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Politics of Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Source: CPP

CPP National Youth Organiser Does Not Speak for the Youth

Our attention has been drawn to comments made by the Convention Peoples Party's (CPP) National Youth Organiser, Murtala Mohammed in an interview with the Daily Graphic newspaper on the 30th of December 2011. In the interview he stated that the Youth Wing of the CPP is threatening to leave if the Chairperson and Leader of the Party Hon. Samia Y. Nkrumah refuses to apologise to Dr. Ndoum. He also claimed that the Chairperson was ignoring the concerns and opinions of the youth of the Party and said that the 10 Regional Youth Organisers will meet early in 2012 to decide what to do.

We the undersigned Regional Youth Organisers would like Murtala Mohammed and the general public to know that at the proposed meeting and at all future meetings of the youth, the only outcome we would agree to, is one that re-affirms the unequivocal support of the youth of the CPP to the Chairperson's ongoing efforts to restore discipline, cohesion and confidence to the Party.

On the issue of the "threats" by the CPP Youth Wing to leave the Party, we the Regional Youth Organizers who along with the National Youth Organiser form the core of the Youth Wing fully understand the discord that he is seeking to sow within the CPP and among the youth. We will not allow him to succeed. The statement by Murtala Mohammed purporting to speak on behalf of the Youth Wing can only be described as erroneous and misleading. He has not spoken on our behalf nor have we authorized him to. The threats he claims the Youth Wing has issued can only be described as his own personal agenda. We therefore wish to distance ourselves from his statement and urge the general public to treat his comments purporting to speak on behalf of the Youth Wing and the youth of the CPP with a pinch of salt. He has not consulted us on this issue and consequently does not speak for us.

We stand confidently behind the leadership of the Chairperson, her authority and her vision for our great Party in the same manner that the majority of the Party including the Central Committee and the Council of Elders have done. Since her election at the September 2011 Congress, we have continued to witness a surge in requests for membership in our respective regions and constituencies in a way that we have not experienced over the last few years and we therefore share her optimism that the best is yet to come for the CPP. We urge the National Youth Organiser to re-commit himself to the ongoing renewal of the CPP as we are all trying to do or risk becoming irrelevant.

The Party has drawn a firm line under the Ndoum exit and is now re-focused on the leadership’s new agenda.


1. Paul Nuwordu - (0243450033) Volta Regional Youth Organiser

2. Eben Agbenya - (0208554400) Brong Ahafo Regional Youth Organiser

3. Leonard Ezuah Ashanti Regional Youth Organiser

4. Nurudeen Hisham Upper West Regional Youth Organiser

5. Mudassiru Kassim Eastern Regional Youth Organiser

6. Chris Nkrumah Western Regional Youth Organiser

7. Akumbey Mohammed Upper East Regional Youth Organiser