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Opinions of Friday, 27 November 2015


Book Review: Demystifies Doctrine of the Holy Trinity

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For centuries, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity has been sorely misunderstood by Christians; but TV Pastor, Rev. Jerri Kofi Tutu, sets the record straight his profound new book, MY GOD IS A TRINITY: UNDERSTANDING THE GODHEAD THROUGH THE WORDS OF CHRIST.

Many Christians acknowledge that the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is important to their faith but few understand why this doctrine is important. This lack of understanding has caused many Christians to doubt their faith.
In this profound and inspiring book, Rev. Tutu focuses mainly on the words of Jesus Christ to demystify the doctrine as He is the only one who came from heaven to reveal the Father to mankind and as such is the only One who can tell us about God.
As former Muslim, Rev. Tutu often argued with Christians and even made fun of them because many of them didn't seem to understand the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. One day, he had an encounter with the Holy Spirit who revealed Jesus Christ to him through the Holy Bible. Since then, Tutu has devoted a lot of time studying the bible in a quest to discover what it says about God.

The confusion of the Trinity exists primarily because many interpret the Holy Trinity as a trio of God. However, in his in depth studies Rev. Tutu noticed that the Bible does not mention the word Trinity but rather uses Godhead to connote the same idea. Also, the Bible does not describe God as a trio of God, Son God and Spirit God whereby they would be three different Gods but describes the "Godhead" as the God the Father, Son of God and the Holy Spirit of God.
My God is a Trinity is packed with powerful insights and understanding into this elusive doctrine and is a must read for any Christian who wants to fully understand the concept of the Holy Trinity while simultaneously strengthening their faith. The book is written with clarity, so that even the new believer or the unbeliever will fully grasp the concept of the Holy Trinity.

My God is a Trinity was published on August 24th, 2015. The book will be available in eBook and hard copy for $9.99 and $14.99 respectively and can be purchased on the author's website at, or on Amazon, Barnes& Noble and other online bookstores.
Media Contact: Rev. Jerry Kofi Tutu

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