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Diasporian News of Sunday, 18 May 2003

Source: Berko Akoto

Book Review- Akan Proverbs.

Mr. Kwasi Amponsa-Yeboah, a local Chicago DJ whose voice can be heard on Rendezvous Africa on Fridays 6 WHPK 88.5 FM has added another dimension to his repertoire of spreading good will message. Mr. Yeboah has authored “Twi Abebuo” (Proverbs in Twi), a book that delves into the most common proverbs used by Akans in Ghana.

Inspired by his father Opanin Kwame Amponsa, a.k.a Akora Joshua, Yeboah believes this book is an inspiration to all that had tried to speak in proverbs but have not been able to do so. The 24 page paper-back book contains 500 proverbs that have been strung together alphabetically thus making it easy to locate a particular one.A DJ in Chicagoland for about 10 years, Mr. Yeboah is an eloquent speaker who has no trouble getting his point across either on the radio or in this book. His ability to synthesize the most common proverbs with the difficult proves he is one that has control of the language.

Back home in the motherland where those gifted in the art of proverbs could boast or show off their skills, this book according to Mr. Yeboah would open a gateway to all that craved to be part of the linguistic masters.

Mr. Yeboah also would be willing to interpret the proverbs to all that may have trouble deciphering what they mean and has already started translating some of them into English, e.g. Efie ne fie- Home sweet home;Tikro nko agyina-two heads are better than one. For those who have had interest in speaking in proverbs but could not do so, give Mr. Yeboah a call at 773-374-4639 to pick up a copy at the cost of $10.00. In addition, one can contact him on his radio station at 773-702-8424 when he is on the air on Friday between 6p.m. and 7p.m. E-mail address