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Regional News of Friday, 28 May 2021


Bissa ethnic group calls for the correction of Busanga misnomer in 2021 Population Census

Some members of the Ghana Statistical Service Some members of the Ghana Statistical Service

The Bissa Development Association has written to the Ghana Statistical Service, calling for the change of the name 'Busanga' to 'Bissa' as the  country goes into a census exercise next month.

It comes after the GSS captured the name Busanga unto  its systems ahead of the 2021 Population census, which is different from what was used for the same exercise in 2010.

The Association says the term Busanga is an error and wants it rectified for the benefit of both the enumerators and the Bissa people.

Busanga has been the name other ethnic groups use for the Bissas for years,  but the BDA, in a letter addressed to the Director of the 2021 Population Census, called for the restoration of the correct name to "maintain consistency" and to avoid confusion in the June 2021 exercise.

"Bissa is one of the ethnic groups belonging to the broader Mande Ethnic group," said a letter signed by the Chairman  Shaibu Musah Gutare Gianni.

"We do admit that the name "Busanga" has been associated with the Bissa ethnic group for ages.

"The fact however remains that the term 'Busanga' (singular) or "Busase" (Plural) is used to refer to the Bissa people by their neighbors, mostly the Mole-Dagbani ethnic group."

The statement explained  why the use of the misnomer can have negative effect on the exercise, which will commence next month.

"The 2010 population  and housing census captured  'Bissa( Busanga)' which was  acceptable," the letter read.

"The 2020 National Identification Authority (NIA) Registration captured 'Bissa'.

"It will therefore be confusing to both enumerators and the Bissa people if the correction is not effected to maintain consistency."

The BDA's letter comes exactly 31 days to the commencement of the exercise, and has expressed hope in the Population and Housing to "rectify the error by using Bissa instead of Busanga."

The 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) will commence on June 28, a day after the census night will have been marked.

Before then, listing of households would be held on June 13 to ensure that all structures were given unique serial numbers to allow for effective enumeration in subsequent days.